Do Not Lose Your Momentum - Build The Prototype!

The plan to write that best-seller starts well with the wee hours devoted to writing but we soon find it hard to keep up, or wake up or put the words to paper or computer screen. 

The end result — the dream bites the dust.

The biggest enemy of our dreams is not our lack of dreaming or resources. It is a lack of consistency. Do not lose your momentum. One of the most difficult things in life is recovering from lost momentum.

If you have momentum, do not allow yourself to lose it until you get the results that you are seeking. Sometimes it takes minutes, hours, days, years - but never ever lose momentum!

Do Not Lose Your Momentum - Build The Prototype!
 I am sure we have all had (I know I have) the experience of aiming for a goal, then taking a break (losing momentum) only to find it even more difficult to get back on the right track.

If you have a goal, stay on it. 

If you let your foot off the gas pedal you are taking the risk of never achieving it. This is the reason why most people never go back to school after their ‘break’. 

If you want a Masters degree you better get on it right after your bachelor's degree or else the chances of you ever doing it gets very close to zero. The same rule applies to those who graduate high school and decide to take a year or two off, to work full time, with the intentions of eventually going to community college. 

The result is that they never take any classes and end up working full time forever. I have known more than a handful of people who have made a choice like this.

If you have a goal of losing X amount of kilograms in weight, do not allow yourself a few cheat days halfway there, you have to hammer it out until you actually reach your goal. 

If you lose your momentum, you run the risk of never reaching your goal and having to wait months before you build the courage to try it again.

Life is like a race track and you are the race car. The most effective way around the race track is to wisely use your momentum, and be careful to not lose it. 

You never see a race car driver completely stop before a sharp corner. 

They go around the track using the car’s momentum as much as they can. The road to our dreams is never smooth but will always be filled with obstacles and challenges. Trying to write a book while balancing a family and a full-time job? 

You will have to factor in sick kids, late night visits to the doctor, late hours at work, sickness, sick spouse, sudden setbacks, and a host of other unexpected emergencies that can never be effectively planned for. 

Trying to lose weight and balancing a full-time job? 

Then get ready for late night assignments, illness, family parties and church events and services. They will set you back as quickly as you move forward. The only way to get ahead is to keep going. 

Just keep going and do not beat yourself over the head when you stumble or fall (and that will be often). 

Failed seven times? Never mind, get up eight times! 
Failed nine times? Get up and go 10 times!

Just remember, momentum is a movement. The movement could be in any direction - choose to move forward.

Life is all about momentum - keep the momentum!

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