Victory Nights: A Celebration Of Defeating The Satanic Kingdom

Harare – The series of Victory Nights hosted by Apostle Pride Sibiya, is a way to celebrate the defeat of the Satanic Kingdom.

The first phase on May 10 2019, held at the Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex, attracted thousands, with the afflicted souls, seeking total freedom from the servant of God.

With a significant turnout braving the onset of the winter season, they were willing to surrender their infirmities, in favour of a new life in Jesus.

Speaking at the venue, Apostle Sibiya said, “Whether the devil likes it or not, we have to conquer him and oppose every negative word he has declared over your life. You have to fight demonic forces channelled against your life and obtain your freedom.”

After his stirring sermon, Apostle Pride Sibiya prayed for those bound by spiritual spouses, which are known to torment and hinder progression within marriages.

Inside the mammoth hall congregates witnessed demonic spirits wriggling out of their hosts, granting them total freedom for a better life.

Generational curses and diseases were also displaced, much to the relief of their hosts, with one declaring that she was set free from perennial period pain, at the command of his voice.

The prophetic session led by Pastor Anna Sibiya was equally revealing when she restored hope to women who had given up on getting married.

Through her empathic prophetic voice, she has transformed countless lives.

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