Understanding Empathy Can Help You Build Stronger, Healthier Relationships ..!

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the thoughts or feelings of another ... empathy is an attempt to better understand the other person by getting to know their perspective. 

Imagine that a friend has recently lost a close family member. Your natural reaction may be sympathy, a feeling of pity, or sorrow. Sympathy may move you to express condolences or to send a card--and your friend may appreciate these actions.

But showing empathy takes more time and effort. It begins with imagining what the person is going through.

Who did they lose? 

How close were they to this person? Besides feelings of pain and loss, how will their life now change?
Understanding Empathy Can Help You Build Stronger, Healthier Relationships ..!
Empathy will help you not only understand your friend's feelings but share them somehow. You try to connect with something in yourself that knows the feeling of deep sorrow and emotional pain.

You might remember how it felt when you lost someone close, or imagine how you would feel if you have not had that experience.
Keeping these points in mind will affect how you view the other person and influence how you deal with them. And since each of us goes through our own struggle at one point or another, it is only a matter of time before you will need that same level of understanding.

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