Deliverance Explosion Nights: Apostle P. Sibiya Hosts Chitungwiza's Biggest All-Night Deliverance

Chitungwiza – Apostle Pride Sibiya will on 10 May 2019 host the first instalment of Deliverance Explosion Nights at the Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex.

The deliverance sessions, which will be held across the nation are meant to tackle bareness in marriages and business. They will also target various marital challenges, sickness and diseases and unemployment obstacles.

The marathon deliverance gatherings are a continuation of Apostle Sibiya’s journey as he brought total freedom to those who have been held captive by evil spirits, thereby limiting their advancement in various spheres.
Deliverance Explosion Nights: Apostle P. Sibiya Hosts Chitungwiza's Biggest All-Night Deliverance 
Apostle Pride Sibiya has been involved in deliverance, even before the birth of Glory Ministries in 2001. Through the Holy Spirit, he has prayed for people to regain sanity, wrestled Satanism, made the blind to see – and a host of marriages were restored.

To buttress his spiritual grasp on deliverance, he has written a well-received book on How to Overcome Spiritual Spouses – a handbook that has guaranteed victory over oppressing spirits.

The laidback palm-sized book has unleashed global debate, while some were assisted through his social media posts. His deliverance manual, written from a personal encounter, has come in handy during church deliverance sessions to guarantee total freedom.

In his writings he has tackled popular areas such as marriages, helping couples in restoring their nuptials and helping youths in their relationships. To those who have walked with him, they describe him as a man who moves mightily in deliverance.

And come this Friday, through the command of his authoritative voice, evil spirits will dutifully worm out of their hosts, thereby setting them free, forever.

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