Christians Have Shifted From The Basics says Archbishop Duncan Williams

With the introduction of globalization and the emergence of new trends, most Christians seem to be ‘walking away from the fundamentals”, the very tenets of Christianity, this is according to the founding Archbishop and General Overseer of the Action Chapel International ministry, Duncan Williams.

He explained that many Christians are changing to suit the emerging trends and as a result are moving away from the core values of Christianity and adopting the “anything goes” attitude to blend in with the rest of the world, making them miss the ultimate point.

Archbishop Duncan Williams also noted that most preachers now have their focus more on the display of power rather than working right from the foundations right up to the top, a thing he says is a detour from the original course of Christianity which is being faithful and upholding Christ-like values.

“We’ve walked away from some of the fundamentals, talking about purity, sanctification, holiness, the Second coming of Christ, and Christian character, personal integrity values, and truth”.
Christians Have Shifted From The Basics says Archbishop Duncan Williams
“it’s like right now, everything goes and we emphasize more on the anointing and the giftings or the charisma more than character…..God has not called us to be powerful or to be anointed or to be gifted or even to be successful, God has called us to be faithful”, he said.

Archbishop Duncan-Williams cited instances of persons posing as preachers and contaminating the church through their false doctrines and acts. He admonished Preachers and Christians at large to return to the very roots of Christianity and ensure that the values which Christ stated in the Bible are preached about and adhered to.

“ We need to go back to certain fundamentals that we’ve walked away from….I think we need to go back to the message of faithfulness”. Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams marked his 40th anniversary in ministry and 60th birthday on Friday, May 12, 2017.

Born to Florence Bruce, despite the fact that doctors said her pregnancy was a risk to her health and needed to be terminated, he survived the medical procedure, unlike his other twin who died. Aside from the miraculous circumstances surrounding his birth, Archbishop Duncan Williams also pulled through regardless of the many death encounters and challenges he faced growing up.
He had nightmares, hallucination and heard voices at home; spiritual voices contending with the voice of truth, grace. He was captured by the spirit, instructed by it to light a candle and dip his hands into the burning flame. He obeyed without question but with pain. His lips at a point were sealed until the pain had become unbearable. His fingers darkened in the flames until they turned into ashes. His shouts attracted siblings who came and rushed him to Korle Bu Hospital where he was admitted for months. That was his break.

Nicholas Duncan-Williams gave his life to Jesus Christ on his hospital bed and made a vow that he would spread the gospel throughout the nations and serve God for the rest of his life.

He is one of the most influential preachers across the world and has impacted many lives.
Archbishop Duncan Williams
Archbishop Duncan Williams

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