Every Contribution Counts - To Donate Towards Cyclone Idai Relief Here Are Your Options

Zimbabweans have really come together in facing the devastating effect of the tropical cyclone Idai which has affected a lot of people in Manicaland, Zimbabwe’s eastern province. 

The UN describes this as the worst natural disaster in Southern Africa ever.

Almost a hundred Zimbabweans had been confirmed dead at the time of publishing this. thousands of homes have been destroyed or partially destroyed and about 600 families have been left completely homeless. Citizens from across the country and others outside the country have involved themselves in offering relief.

Here are some of the initiatives that you can contribute to:

Every Contribution Counts - To Donate Towards Cyclone Idai Relief Here Are Your Options
Monetary contributions:

1. Zimbabwe Cyclone Relief on GoFundMe (Ideal for Offshore Contributions). https://www.gofundme.com/zimbabwe-cyclone-relief

2. Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Ecocash Biller code 320041. Econet has pledged to match dollar for dollar all individual contributions made towards this cause.

Contribute on *151*2*1*320041*Amount#

2. NetOne OneMoney Shortcode: *111*2*1*4*19707#

3. Agribank: Account Name: Cyclone Idai Relief Fund, Account No: 114000014856, Branch: Agrigold (49638) OR EcoCash: *151*2*1*49638#

4. FBC Holdings: Acc Name: FBC Cyclone Idai Donations Acc No: Account Number : 1070230530115 Centre Branch

5. ZB Financial Holdings: Account Number: 4190815125840 Natal Road Branch, Ref: Idai Donation

6. Alpha Media Holdings via EcoCash. *151*2*2*104628*Amount# (ZimInd Publishers)

7. ONEchurch via EcoCash *151*2*2*151449*Amount# (One Church)

8. ONEchurch via bank: Account Name: Highlands Presbyterian Church. Acc No: 1003090427. Northridge Park.

In-kind contributions: Thousands of people in Chimanimani, Chipinge and other areas need food, clothing, medical supplies and other essentials. There are organisations that are collecting such in-kind contributions. It’s important to bear in mind that these families are probably going to need a lot of support for quite some time as some of them have to start from the ground up to build livelihoods and homes.

Here are places where you can drop off your contributions:

1. Any Econet Shop
2. Miracle Missions: Highlands Presbyterian Church. 112 Enterprise Road, Highlands
3. Eat Out Movement: 3 Allan Wilson Avenue. Greater Avenues
4. ONEchurch: 15 De noon Road, Avondale
5. Chisipite Senior School: (Front Office on Monday 18 March) All items to be dropped off by Tuesday, 19 March
6. Jah Prayzah Offices, 31 Herbert Chitepo Harare

1. Any Econet Shop
2. 45 Moffat Ave Hillside (Along Burnside road) Or call 0773 103 262 they will come and pick your donation.

Whole Zimbabwe:
1. Any Econet Shop
2. Any TelOne Exchange Call toll-free 08002000
3. Any ZB Bank or ZB Life Manager’s office

Please note, if there are any ongoing campaigns not listed here that you know, let us know in the comments and we will vet them and add them.

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