The Place Of Mutuality In Marriage with Oudney Patsika

Someone once said, "Marriage is about the two spouses involved, and not just about the husband or the wife." How true is that assertion!

It's always surprising seeing people come into marriage with the mindset of SELF. That's the reason we have a lot of unhealthy relationships and marriages out there. But that wasn't God's plan from the beginning.

Marriage is about the TWO spouses involved. That was God's design for instituting marriage. The relationship or marriage is meant to "revolve" around both parties with God as the FOUNDATION. Both spouses are to become one. The "one flesh" talked about in the Bible meant acting as ONE in the sense that whatever affects the husband affects the wife also. That's where the concept of mutuality in marriage started from (see Genesis 2:24).

Nothing kills a relationship or marriage-like selfishness and self-centeredness. Contrary to popular belief, marriage should never be centred around the man alone. That's a deficient knowledge of what true love is. True love is mutual and reciprocal. Over the years the headship of the husband in marriage has been "exaggerated".

Of course, man is the head of the home, but without the support of a wife, he can't be the good husband and father he is meant to be.
The Place Of Mutuality In Marriage with Oudney Patsika

The husband may be the HEAD, but the wife is the NECK without which he can't stand.

One strong force that pulls my marriage is mutuality. It's one thing/quality I sought for in a woman when I was still searching. But little did I know that mutuality is a product of true love. So I trusted God for the woman that I won't only love, but a woman who will love me as well. That's how mutuality starts. That's how true friendship is born.

True love is mutually beneficial to both partners or spouses. Take for instance respect: the wife shouldn't be the only one respecting her husband. The husband must respect her too. What about sex in marriage: the husband shouldn't be the only one to be sexually satisfied, the wife MUST be satisfied also.
You see, mutuality solves a lot of issues in relationships or marriages. It makes the relationship or marriage sweet, fun-filled, solid and unbreakable. It takes care of secrecy and trust issues. Marriage is not the union of two perfect beings, but the union of two individuals called to live as best of friends, not enemies.

Please find below the healthy and blissful relationship or marriage recipe:
1. Mutual love.
2. Mutual respect.
3. Mutual understanding.
4. Mutual tolerance.
5. Mutual career support.
6. Mutual commitment to relationship ethics and marital vows.
7. Mutual acceptance.
8. Mutual sexual satisfaction.
9. Mutual humility.
10. Mutual parenting methodologies.

Mutuality rocks. That's why Satan will resist couples from experiencing and enjoying it. Mutuality is proof of a working relationship or marriage. Because it is only friends in marriage who can enjoy it.

Is your partner or spouse your BESTIE? If so mutuality shouldn't pose a problem in your relationship or home.

I pray that God continues to uphold our relationships and marriages in Jesus name!
Many thanks for reading and commenting. Remain ever blessed.

See you at the top!
Your friend!

Written by Joshua Chibuike Akwudike and Adopted By Oudney Patsika

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