Never Give Your Money To Someone Who Has Never Failed …!


It Is Not About The Number Of Textbooks That You Have Read — Never Give Your Money To Someone Who Has Never Failed …!

I will never ever put my money into somebody who has not tried something or someone who has not failed at any business in life…!

You know entrepreneurship is interesting! It is a lot like swimming.

So if I gave you a textbook on how to swim and you read it for three years and then I took you and chucked you in the ocean … You would sink. You would sink because you have never tried to swim practically..!

This is because swimming is not a theory thing, it is a practice thing.
Never Give Your Money To Someone Who Has Never Failed …!
You have to do it, to know how to do it.

So look for somebody who has failed — and never put your business capital on someone who has never failed at anything!

I love people who have failed before; and this is because they have proven that they have tried something and that they know what is on the other side of not succeeding; which is failure..!

No matter how great their business Proposal is — if they have never failed at selling Cobras, Matemba, Maputi, Freezits, Rearing Chickens, PopCorn Selling, Running a Flea-market, Selling Tomatoes — DO NOT GIVE THEM THE MONEY!

Read the book on Swimming (Theory) and then Go to the water and Swim (Practical) — Do not lean to swim in an Ocean. Start with a small poll!

Be patient while you are swimming in the small pool while thinking about the big Ocean!

Doing Business and Succeeding At Business Is Like Swimming — You Get Better With Practice!
Never Give Your Money To Someone Who Has Never Failed …!
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