He CHANGED HIS WIFE to a More ATTRACTIVE Woman. You Will NOT BELIEVE What Happened a Year Later.

Sometimes in life we give up without realizing how close to success we are. We stop trying in a relationship and then realize too late that we have lost something wonderful.

We let go of our dreams when the one thing we needed to make them happen was just around the corner.

Let's start by focusing on being thankful for the things you have.

You do not want to end up with a heart full of regret like this man who left his wife because he thought he wanted to be with another woman who was younger and more beautiful.

He believed that his wife had become boring and was no longer physically attractive He didn't feel like he was getting what he wanted from her anymore and so he traded her in for somebody who he considered to be prettier and more exciting.

In just one year he came to regret it deeply so deeply in fact that he wrote an open letter to the Internet to serve as a warning to others who might make the same mistake he did.

The words of his letter are tender and heartfelt and tell the story about what happened over the 12 months. Since he left his wife he describes meeting her again almost a year to the day since they split, at a time when he was alone his relationship with the new younger woman didn't last and he had no body. By contrast, his wife had become the same beautiful woman he had first fallen in love with. She had lost weight bought new clothes and started paying attention to her hair and makeup again.
At that point, he realized what he had done wrong. He had failed to understand that she had gained weight because of the recent birth of their third child he did not realize that she did not have time to focus on beauty products and grooming because she was busy raising young children.

Now with the children a little older and with more time to spend on herself she was radiant once more her true beauty had never been she just had more important things to focus on at the time someone else had noticed her beauty too and she was in a new relationship. The foolish man had lost his wife forever.

Like Joni Mitchell once said, you don't know what you've got till it's gone..!

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