God’s Capitalist Will Emerge — The Story Of Asa Candler and The Coca-Cola Brand.


In The Next Ten Years God’s Capitalist Will Emerge and The Story Of Asa Candler and The Coca-Cola Brand, Provide Incredible Motivation To Every Believer Desiring To Start A Legacy Leaving Business.

Asa was the eighth of eleven children born to Samuel and Martha Candler in 1851 in the hills of Carroll County, Georgia.

This northwest region of the state was famous as the site where gold was discovered in the 1830s. “Country boy” Asa spent his youth in the Primitive Baptist Church, but later moved with his family into the Methodist Church. At the risk of belaboring the obvious, the Methodist Church of the late nineteenth century in rural Georgia was arguably as conservative, straight-laced, and evangelical as the modern Methodist Church is liberal and leaning in the direction of a host of radical causes.
God’s Capitalist Will Emerge — The Story Of Asa Candler and The Coca-Cola Brand.
One should not be mistaken for the other. This Methodist involvement meant church on Sunday coupled with a strict dose of sabbatarianism and midweek services.

Furthermore, Asa’s older brother and closest advisor Warren became a Methodist bishop. Not surprisingly, Kathryn Kemp contends that this stern religious influence shaped Candler’s character, at least until the last decade of his life when a few romantic flings generated chaos.

As a businessman, Asa was religiously entrepreneurial and apparently successful in most things he tried. Operating a drugstore in Atlanta with Marcellus Hallman in 1880, he bought out Hallman in 1881 and managed to survive a fire that destroyed his inventory in 1883. Five years later he invested $500 in Coca-Cola, a new drink invented by Atlanta druggist John Pemberton; and, to use a trite phrase, the rest is history.
When Candler “got out of business” in 1916, and gave a lot of Coca-Cola stock to his children, the firm had $27,000,000 in assets and ranked 212 out of the 500 largest industrials in America. (The great global reach of the business was mostly a later development.) Toward the end of the decade his service to Atlanta as mayor was also drawing to a close and he turned his attention to Lucy, his wife for over forty years who was dying of breast cancer. She died in February of 1919.

This enormously successful businessman and public paragon of virtue, who did much to create the world’s best known product and trade mark.

If you have read this — may God cause the Kingdom Capitalist in you to Emerge!

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