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Gallery Of Pictures - Minister's Profile - Apostle Alexander Chisango

Almost running in the footsteps of a few biblical statesmen like the apostles and rulers such as David, Zerubbabel, Daniel, Joseph and others, Alexander Chisango from Zimbabwe is recognised among the Church, academic, governmental and business authorities as a Nation Builder, Apostolic Statesman and Empowerment Engineer.

He co-facilitated Zimbabwe's post-independence National Literacy Campaign which turned the nation into the most literate African nation. Having become a veteran educationist and development innovator, he graduated in Education and was also conferred with an Honorary Doctorate in Pedagogy.

Called by God to serve Him and nations through the Church, since the early '90s with his wife Analyn and family they have moved in oneness with many churches, ministries, agencies and leaders who relate to Chisango either as spiritual sons or collaborating partners.

They build and minister the rise of sustainable and Christ-centred Cities and Nations, with Kingdom Reformation Coalitions in the Spiritual, Economic, Social and Public/Governance domains also touching the family, women and youth.

The diverse work became consolidated into three focused fronts, namely:1. The Kingdom International Nations of Christ (KINOC) movement:
2. The Worldwide Empowerment Initiatives and Innovations (WEII); and
3. Kingdom International Ministries (KIM), his home church.

Lately Alexander Chisango has testified for Christ and God's kingdom through conferences, congresses, fathering and consulting forums, as well as writings, recordings and broadcasting for national leaders, business, governments, legal and law enforcement agencies, academia and development practitioners.
Apostle Chisango is also a prolific minister and writer on various topics including the kingdom of God, nation building and holistic transformation.
Apostle Alexander Chisango

Apostle Alexander Chisango

Apostle Alexander Chisango

Apostle Alexander Chisango

Apostle Alexander Chisango

Apostle Alexander Chisango

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