When It Is Time To Re-Think Your Position and Find The Flaw In Your Thinking!

Have you ever received a serious back-lash from people who have challenged your way of thinking and doing things.

Did you know that sometimes - but not every time, the bigger your emotional reaction to something - the more true it is. In essence, it means you are not yet ready to face that part of your life. To you, it is much more comforting to be in this place where you do not accept that you have any flaw in you thinking or actions.
When It Is Time To Re-Think Your Position and Find The Flaw In Your Thinking!
It can be very painful when someone tells you about the flaws that you have. But worse, It is possible that the more pain you feel and the more your react to the back-lash - the more truer it might be that you actually have these flaw. Hence it can be true that the more you react - the truer it is that you actually have these flaws.
In other words, when someone tells you a truth that cuts you to the core and it hurts you really badly - understand that there assertions might be true and that you might have been too blind to notice. It becomes very important to sit down and think about these assertions. Maybe there are some truth in what the other party is saying. The pain that you feel might just be a subconscious defence mechanisms embedded in the core of your psychology to that make you stay in the comform zone of the flawed thinking and actions.

Learn not to be defensive all the time.

Pertinent Questions:

- Do you have someone who challenges your comfort-zone..!
- Are you open enough when someone tells you a truth that is a the core of your bad habit or flawed thinking..!

If you have people who are bold enough to tell you in your face to rethink your thinking, actions and position, and you retaliate and are emotional - at times, if not most times, it is important to assess your reaction. Do not make the mistake of reacting so emotionally that to block the chance of ever really re-assessing or re-evaluation your thinking and your position. At the end of the day, if you are always reacting emotionally and are always defensive, then you will never ever change!

Take a few minutes to sit down and re-think your position and find the flaws in your thinking so that you can change.

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