What Are You Waiting For - Every Master Was Once A Beginner (Part 1)

As I prepare to get into 2019 I took time to assess the past 10 years (2008 - 2019). The past decade has been a truly remarkable and incredible journey ...!

- It was in these past ten years that I met the love of my life.
- It was in these past ten years that God blessed me with two (2) beautiful boys.

It has been ten (10) incredible years of seeing the grace and favour of God. It was also in these past ten years that I committed to learning the Art of Media and growing in it until I become a Media Icon and Niche Guru. The very first software that I sat down to learn was Adobe Photoshop for Photo enhancement and manipulation and Sony Vegas for Video editing.

I must confess, it is not easy to make the decision to learn something totally new. The Comfort Zones can be so comfortable!
What Are You Waiting For - Every Master Was Once A Beginner (Part 1)
I even went as far as asking my brother to teach me the software and he said NO..! His big NO took be aback and gave me the excuse that I needed NOT to commit to the steep learning curve that these two (2) software required. Even now - ten years letter I would still have chosen to remain comfortable because my brother said NO..!

Well, this is ten years latter and I committed to paying at least $50.00 USD every month to learn the Art Of Media and I have mastered more that 10 Industry Standard Software in the Design industry and am so glad that I took the step to learn.

If you took the time to read this, I want to encourage you to Step-Out of the comfort zone and learn something new. 

You will be glad for making this decision - When you look back ten years latter!

I leave you with this quote by RobinSharma:

Every Master Was Once A Beginner!
Every Pro Started As An Amateur!
Every Icon Began As An Unknown ... So Start Now. And Stay Patient!

So what are you waiting for LEARN and START NOW!

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