End-time Kingdom Linchpins and Gatekeepers Are Coming!

As 2018 comes to an end — I want you to know that God is raising End-time Kingdom Linchpins … who will rise up and take over the key and strategic niches that create, control and influence cultures.

God is is dispensing and distributing kingdom ideas and thus imparting upon strategic believers the end-time anointing that will cause us to be effective outside the walls of church.


1. Power and Anointing —
 He will raise Apostolic and Prophetic Voices with the and even more power and influence than God’s Generals. We will see the world listening to and respecting Servants Of God again..!

2. Educators — 
He will raise educators who will not only impact and influence the education systems … God will also give then tactical ability to build schools and universities.
End-time Kingdom Linchpins and Gatekeepers Are Coming!
3. Wealth Creators — He will raise anointed businessmen and women who will become the custodian of money. Get ready to see more multi-millionaires and billionaires in the Body of Christ. Believers who are deep pocketed givers who are not ashamed to give huge offerings and tithes in their millions. The face of the body of Christ will never be the same.

4. Family Therapists and Nouthetic Counselors — 
Get ready to see kingdom families being build as more and more nouthetic therapists will be raised. These are bible based counselors who God will raise to speak to the youths and couples about the sanctity of sex and marriage.

5. David Type Psalmists, Musicians and Entertainers — 
Bible based and sanctified musicians, actors, writers who refuse to bring secular ideas into the entertainment niche. The entertainers of the caliber of King David are rising — Pastors and parents when you child is passionate about dance, acting, singing poem, writing — give them the environment that will cause their God-given gift to blossom and grow.

6. Daniel and Joseph Type Leaders — 
As the Economy tightens and the Earth’s resource become more and more scarce. Open your eyes and watch for the Daniels and Joseph’s who will carry the mantle that the world need for the redefining of leadership and the correct allocation of resources.
7. Media Moguls — The end-time believers will rise up with amazing media ideas and they will take over the media arena of the last days. God is raising Social Media Moguls who will influence the millions of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. Media will never be the same again. Television, Movies, Radio, Books, Magazines etc.

What are you waiting for!

- As 2019 approaches … know that God has chosen you to be a End-time Linchpin and Gatekeeper!

- Find you niche and begin to influence it — one matchstick at a time!

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