The Secrets Of Strange Women They Use To Snatch Your Husbands - Every Woman Must Read This!


In this century the flesh fancy things of the world than the inner spirit. Read this Article to keep your marriage safe and live a happy life with your family.

First of all, Lots of women are losing their husbands to strange women out there and most women are yet to know what these men really see in these women that make them to get glued to them despite the facts that they know that these women are more expensive and most are full of sexual transmitted diseases.

Hello wives and matured ladies, you need to know the sexual secrets of these faceless women, it could be maybe sorry they are better than you in the bed, you need to step up to match up with them and beat them in their dirty games. Take your time to read this and get your husband back, these are their secrets:
The Secrets Of Strange Women They Use To Snatch Your Husbands!
1. THEY UNDERSTAND THE SEXUAL WEAKNESS OF MEN: They understand that one of the weaknesses of most men is sex and they make good use of this. Wives are careless about this, instead of using sex to create intimacy with their husbands; they use it to create animosity, anger, bitterness between them and their husband.

WHAT TO DO: Use sex as a tool of love to create intimacy in your marriage, don’t use sex to destroy your marriage, use it to build it.

2. THEY KISS LIKE MAD: In a report, most married men reported that their wives hate kissing; they said it is difficult to get a decent kiss from their wives. Strange women are experts in this area, they use kissing as a weapon.

WHAT TO DO: Don’t turn kissing to wresting in your marriage, stop been local. Kiss your husband even when he is not expecting it.

3. THEY SEE SEX AS A SERIOUS BUSINESS: You see it as a chore, you see it as dirty, you even wish it is removed from marriage, it never cross your mind. But for these strange ladies, they see sex as a serious business and do everything to keep their clients and customers.

They use all marketing strategies, branding, product, packaging, marketing and advertisement.

WHAT TO DO: Begin to see sex as a serious business, rebrand yourself, repackage yourself because you are the real product.

4. THEY TREAT SEX AS FOOD FOR MEN: Wives are fond of saying “Is it food?” What a foolish statement! It’s not food, it’s more than that, in fact the Bible says it is water (Proverbs 5:15-19). Strange women are aware of the fact that men see sex as food and they serve it hot and better.

WHAT TO DO: Get into the fray, treat it as the food of your husband. Serve it better than before, never say, “is it food?” again in your life, it is more than that.

5. SEX IS IN THEIR MIND: Babies, house cleaning, cooking, and washing are in the mind of wives; sex is never in their minds, they never think of it, but away women put it in their mind and their body is ready, no wonder they hardly look tired for it.

WHAT TO DO: At least two or three time a week, put sex in your to-do list, put it in your mind and see how your marriage turns to be.

6. THEY PLAN FOR SEX: Strange women plan for sex the way you plan for your cooking; they look forward to it and carry their catch along in their plans.

WHAT TO DO: Plan for sex in your marriage; don’t make it your husband’s affairs to plan for sex in your marriage. Let it be part of your schedule.
7. THEY SET TABLE FOR SEX: Strange women do set table for great sex, soft music, blue light, candle light, perfumed bed, velvet bed sheet, sexy outlook, slippery fingers. Do you still wonder why men are running to them?

WHAT TO DO: Begin to set table for sex in your marriage, be creative, surprise your husband with sexy outlook when he arrives from work. Children are already in bed, you look “Smashing”, the whole house look romantic, soft music, dinner with candle light, Hug by the door and kiss on the lips. Who says your husband will not rush home tomorrow.

8. THEY ARE VERY ROMANTIC: Romance is a strange thing to some women, the away women don’t joke about it, they are experts in this. Whole lots of wives are romantically bankrupt but strange women are professional in it. Men loves romantic women and strange women know this
WHAT TO DO: Become romantic, be of your good look, marriage is a love affair, don’t allow motherhood and wifehood destroy your girlish instinct. Be romantic and sexy

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