Identifying 10 Yellow Cards (Warning Signs) In A Relationship

Relationship doesn’t just break in a day. Before a break up finally occurs, there are signs that will point to its destination. 

Most of these yellow card signs are glaring but many find it difficult to recognize them, until they turn red card. When a break up is staring at their faces, there are warning signals which if you take notice of; will save you from volcanic shock that characterize unexpected break up. These signs are:

1. Reduction in calls: When someone who calls you often, sends text messages expressing his or her love now forgets to call, reduces the call to once a week or once a month. And when you complain, “Sorry I forgot” is the answer you get, it is a sign that you are losing your place in his or her heart.

2. Busyness: When he or she has engaged in things that take priority over you. He or she doesn’t have time for you, no time to discuss, pray, study the Bible, no time to visit and no time to go out together. It is a sign that your relationship is going down the drain. He that doesn’t have time for you in courtship will not be available for you in marriage. Anyone that loves you will squeeze out time for you.

3. Outburst of Anger: Relationship is a love affair and not a battle-field. So, when petty issues that could be laughed over always lead to fights and display of anger or it has gotten to the point where almost everything you say will cause your partner to flare-up, it is a pointer to the fact they you are no longer accepted Or that you will always get into his or her trouble when both of you get married. Its a yellow card.

4. No Longer Passionate about the Relationship: Though you are still together but the love is getting cold, he or she is no longer investing time and resources in the relationship; you are no longer eager to speak to each other; then you should realize that break-up is looming in the relationship.

5. Ambiguous Introduction: When you notice that of late, he or she now introduces you to people as a mere friend, it is a statement of lack of commitment. This is telling you that you are no more than an ordinary friend to him or her. With this, it is better to start making up your mind for the unexpected and then call his/her attention to it before you conclude.
Identifying 10 Yellow Cards (Warning Signs) In A Relationship
6. Criticism: If you notice that as far as your partner is concerned, you don’t know how to do anything. He/she complains about everything in you. He/she criticizes your views, opinions, dressing, stature,words, actions etc. The truth is that he that criticizes normally reduces to little size. Constant criticisms often make lovebirds become sworn-enemies. Anyone who is not appreciating your effort is having your love depreciated in his/her heart. Don't forget that

7. Compare you with his/her Ex-lover: To have a flourishing relationship, you must shut the door to your ex-lover in order to accommodate your newfound lover in your heart. But in a situation where your partner compares your dressing, attitude, spending habit and talking with that of his/her ex-lover, then you are not safe if at every of your discussion, he keeps mentioning the name of his/her ex, don’t rejoice yet, you are not in a promising relationship.

8. One sided giving: In a relationship, giving must be mutual and not one sided. Beware of a courtship where you are the one doing all the giving while your partner is just at the receiving end. This kind of relationship is not a balanced one. You will notice that when you can no longer give as you used to due to financial lack; he/she will have problem relating with you because that relationship is based on money.
9. Avoidance: This point is often glaring enough for all to know. For somebody who once cherished your presence to now avoid your company, prefer to hang out with friends, or give you an excuse of what he wants to do outside when you enter and he takes his leave, there is problem. He may not pick your calls, and he may not reply your text messages. These are signs of a looming break-up.

10. Failure to defend you: If he/she finds pleasure in speaking negative of you before the parents and friends instead of defending you, please be aware that he/she is not planning to spend his/her future with you.

In conclusion, you have to be aware of the warning signs of possible break-up, you can take a quick action to help you stop the break-up and avoid the pain that is associated with it.

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