Henriette Nshan Tem’s New Autobiography To Empower Young Women

Foreword - A Beautiful Soul in Hell - My Story (Part I) is a first part narrative of Nshan’s autobiography which tells part of her life’s adulthood ordeals that without any iota of doubt have helped shaped her into the “beautiful” soul she represents today. 

It is the real life story unlike the fiction we read in many works of this kind of a rare breed of a woman who to my estimation has the special hand of God bestowed upon her.

Once you begin reading Nshan’s A Beautiful Soul in Hell, you get that compelling urge to read a book written with such finesse and purity of heart. She presents a sharp contrast of women who would resign to their fate just because they are women.

Nshan Tem had been an online blogger since November 2015 and had maintained the same steam but whose blogging effervescence & fame increased very recently and particularly in April 2018. A Beautiful Soul in Hell (Part I) Series is triggered by the fact that she finds so many girls falling prey to the same trappings she found herself in. Often times, many a victim get depressed and lose hope thinking they have no future; but then, Nshan Tem uses herself as a perfect example so that anyone who finds him/herself can muzzle up “the strength and courage they lack to face life while being assertive that tomorrow would be better”
Henriette Nshan Tem
 Henriette Nshan Tem
In this book, Nshan Tem narrates her life’s experiences spanning through early adulthood amorous relationships and how each has affected her and contributed to moulding her to whom she is today. Nshan Tem shows how strong willed and determined a woman can be to overcome challenges in life especially as she finds herself in a society where male hegemony took centre stage and at each level they tried to take advantage of her. A sharp witted, smart and bold person who took every challenge as an opportunity to transform her and through which experiences, she found GOD.

Nshan Tem does not shy to address many societal issues which most societies tend to look at as taboo and after narrating each experience of hers, Nshan Tem seeks to advice most especially women and girls on sex issues, relationships and marriage.

Nshan Tem has through experience transformed herself into the most sought-after social counsellor who has helped reform several broken, would-have-been broken homes and liberated others who had been held into some kind of bondage.

Nshan Tem has used her blog- Henriette Thatcher’s Lounge and her social media platform and being one of Cameroon’s top bloggers and has been able to attract many a readers to her platforms who religiously follow and read her stories.

Afu Eugene Aneng (Pg.Dip./Log. M’gt, LL.B)
Jurist/Para-legal, Human Rights Activist
CEO/Founder Ufa Media Group Ltd

Lady Henriette NSHAN TEM Is A Cameroonian Blogger, Relationship Counselor, Motivational Speaker, Women’s Activist against domestic violence and child abuse, Advocate for the girl child and Humanitarian and Society Moral Instructor.

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