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Acknowledgements From A Beautiful Soul In Hell - (By Henriette NSHAN TEM)

Putting out this Autobiography about me, is harder than I thought, but more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. 

None of these would have been possible without God Almighty, who has always given me strength in times of tribulation, and who has never stopped Blessing me with everything I need every step of my way into this earthly journey.

To you my half-brother from Zimbabwe, Oudney Patsika, whom God used to discover the hidden gem of writing diamond in me. I met you online in 2015, after my second return from prison. I had lost everything and everyone I called friend. I was rejected by all. Avoided by all, mocked by all, and was even ashamed to post anything with my name on Social Media.

God sent you through a friend request. You started sending me encouraging Biblical messages without knowing my story. You forced to chat with me. I remember I had to go to court one day, and two days before the D-day, I was afraid. I reached, explained my fears to you, and felt comforted by the courage you gave me with prayers.
Acknowledgements From A Beautiful Soul In Hell - (By Henriette NSHAN TEM)
Acknowledgements From A Beautiful Soul In Hell - (By Henriette NSHAN TEM)
After the court session, you told me that I was going to be a great media personality. You asked me to read about Arianna Huffington of Huffington post, and told me in prophecy that I will one day be celebrated in the Media world like her, if I remained positive and focus.

You asked that I write five stories about any self-chosen topic. I did the assignment, and you qualified me into a Blogger, offered me the Henriette Thatcher’s Lounge, did everything to bring it online, and offered it to me as a source of income.

Your patience as you moulded me into a great Blogger. Your tolerance and endurance with my inquisitive person, all these Boss, I cannot help but shout out a BIG THANK YOU to you for our selfless sacrifice to see me succeed.

You made me blogged with passion even when the money was not forthcoming. You said the only thing I owed you was HARD-WORK and SUCCESS. Many are times, I wake you up from sleep, and pull your wife off from your arms, just to bring you to your laptop, when I was tied somewhere. You have never complained, but gave me reason to believe that I was working with the right friend and brother.
Oudney Patsika, you stood by me during every struggle and all my successes. That is true friendship. I am eternally grateful to you my brother. You taught me discipline online, tough love, manners, respect, and so much more that has helped me succeed in my media journey. I truly have no idea where I’d be if you hadn’t given me this Blogging and writing idea.

You did not stop there. When this autobiography idea came to my mind, you gave every little and big support I needed, and to the Glory you are the Publisher of this Autobiography. I can’t thank you enough, but your reward will definitely come from He who made our paths crossed. 

Thank you my brother from another country.
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