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Monday, 22 October 2018

Born Premature - How A Father Took Care Of His Premature Son (Left For Dead)

This is what should go viral. People think black men are all do*s. Here is an example of what a real man:


When my wife gave birth, I was at work. The doctor who was following my wife during her pregnancy called me to tell me to come to the hospital urgently.

When I arrived, I saw the child, it was as if I had been hit with a log of wood on the neck, I had a headache. I sat down and the doctor told me that my wife had left, when she saw the child she did not support so she left despite her condition, she said that it is not her child and she left in tears, in a word she left the child in the hospital.

The doctor asked me what I wanted for the child, my answer did not take I second, in less than a second without hesitation I replied that I will take care of the child. I had a small supermarket. I sold the whole supermarket to stay with the child to take care of him day and night. All my savings, and the check from the supermarket I invested in caring for the premature baby.
Born Premature - How A Father Took Care Of His Premature Son (Left For Dead)
I gave him my heart, I gave him my patience, my love and my savings. I took care of him myself without the help of anyone except the doctor. Without hiring a nanny to keep him.

I devoted one (1) year of my life without working without moving away from him, we lived on my savings until today my little premature became a beautiful little boy. He became cute and he grew up well, well fattened.
This is where his mother wants to come back to take care of her son, of her abandoned child. She came to ask for forgiveness on her knees. She only cries when she sees how the child has changed. I understood her and I forgave her mistake even if she acted badly I want a mother for my son.

We had no more money to eat when I applied on the internet at 0000Hrs, at 0800Hrs I was called for an indefinite contract in a factory. God knows how to do things.

One Tip: Never give up a child for anything in the world!

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