Stop Using Spiritual Fathers To Leverage Your Ministry

Adams Patrick, thank you for putting the nail on the right spot.

The teaching Prophet wrote:


So i was invited to preach for a man of God.. When I arrived I was kinda confused..

What was my reason for the perplexion ...!

On his alter I saw the face of a great father.. Then while he went up to introduce me.. He spoke of another man as his spiritual father.. Then he also said he is so connected to my own spiritual father and even told his Christians I had taken him to my father's house.. Which was a lie..!

My confusion escalated.. "What a scheme" I said.. But I couldn't wait for the service to end for me to ask the questions that were burning within.

After service I said to him" Man of God ... Who exactly do you submit to"... I understand you can have one father and many mentors ... Even Apostle Paul accepted that ... He laughed ... And said to me. WISDOM IS PROFITABLE TO DIRECT ..!

This statement got me more confused then he explained his wisdom ... My brother ... In this generation people follow based on the amount of people you are connected to ... He said I'm not directly connected to any of these men but I use their names and pictures so my people will know I'm for real ... Wow. That's really wisdom ... But I'm sure in the eyes of men.
Beloved I left that place knowing that ... This generation is using fathers.

We live in a time when some people submit not for true submission but for self credibility and attraction before people.

A time when some young ministers use fathers.. True submission is almost missing in this generation.

One of the greatest prayers I pray is that God should help our fathers know those who really submit.. Because if our hearts were to be opened some of our fathers will truly know those submitting to them.
Stop Using Spiritual Fathers To Leverage Your Ministry
It sickens my heart to realize that most of us use the fathers for credibility...

Now hear me sir.. You might argue this.. But if people follow you because of who you follow then you truly don't have followers!!!!

When your father is the reason for which your own children follow you.. Then permit me say they are not your children but the children of your father.. What a generation..

I told my children in church ... You don't follow my father ... But you follow ME ... and I follow MY FATHER ...Paul said ... Follow me as I follow Christ..

It is very important that those we pastor be with us because they believe in us not because they see us connected to fathers. Now get this right ... Who you submit to grants you credibility but your priorities shouldn't be to USE THE FATHER FOR CREDIBILITY..

We have used fathers who are popular and who might not even know where we are.. If we exist.. Yet just to attract others to stay with us

I heard Elisha prayed and said where is the God of my father Elijah ... Yes yes yes!

But this has almost become the order of the day in our services in church today.. The man of God doesn't pray in the name of God anymore.. They pray all the time in the name of the God of their father.. And call the name.. Not because they want that God to answer for them.. But because they want their followers to know how connected they are ... Stop the gimmicks.

Here's my question ... What happened to your own God?? Or you actually don't have one.. But depend on the God of your supposed father to keep people?

The young generation of my class should grow from childish Christianity and the spirit of manipulation..

Fathers aren't a channel to keep people but they are divine instruments placed in our lives for instruction ... Discipline ... Direction ... Lifting.
When was the last time you told your father the challenges you have encountered in ministry or life?

When was the last time you told him of your mistakes and flaws??

When was the last time you opened up to him so he can know the real you?

When last did he shout at you for correction and direction??

When was the last time he gave you verdict like Papa Oyedepo asked PA David Ibeyomi not to travel out of Port Harcourt for 15 years??... And he obeyed without questioning

If your father asked you to do such will you still submit?? I don't think so.. Because you need your own father for credibility not discipline and correction..

I was disciplined by my father not to preach for a while.. And yes I obeyed.. Because he isn't there for credibility alone but for my own help.. Correction and shouting to me from him is prove of love and concern..

Let's stop looking for fathers to manipulate and use to go up.or rather rush up

Let's make submission real and realistic in its pragmatic essence.

Let's teach the younger generation what it truly means to submit and what it takes to submit.. What we leave to this generation will determine the state of the gospel in few years to come as far as submission is concerned..

May God help us stay true In submission and never use fathers again..

For those who have been genuine in their submission.. Please keep being submissive.. There's a prize for true followers believe me.

If this message has blessed you.. Then share this and let some other person be blessed.
Stop Using Spiritual Fathers To Leverage Your Ministry
Teaching Prophet

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