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Communication In Marriage - Tips On How To Make It Work!

You Are Already Married, So Why Not Make It Work? Concerning marriage, communication is absolutely necessary (Essential) and not just that; effective communication is key to making things work. 

There are two types of communication in marriage - General and intimate communication. Any marriage operating at the general level of communication is heading for a disaster.
Communication In Marriage - Tips On How To Make It Work!

Keys to Effective Communication in Marriage:

1. Spend Time Together - Sometimes the quality of the communication with your spouse is better than quantity, but the best scenario is both quantity with quality communication. In essence, work on your friendship, do things together, go places together, get to know each other- that's the only way you can enjoy each others company.

2. Listen Without Being Defensive - For a marriage to succeed, both spouses must be able to hear
each other’s complaints without getting defensive, At the end of the day

3. Be Specific - When issues arise,which they always do, be specific. Broad generalizations like, "You do it all the time!" are not helpful.

Written Pastor Dr. S.M. Chirisa

Contact Dr. S. M. Chirisa On: info@drsmchirisa.com to find out more about our marriage sessions, seminars and programmes.
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