Kingdom Principles For A Financial Harvest - 7 Important Points On Giving To The King

God never gave man ownership over the world. Everything is His! We are simply stewards of whatever He gives us of His kingdom. 

This is an important point, because it means that whenever God wants to shift His property around - to give it to other people - He can, and He will!

Here are seven kingdom principles about government and giving to a king:

1. Because the power and glory of a king are displayed in the ruler’s wealth, kings desire territory and wealth.

2. The purpose of a king’s wealth is to secure the reputation of his glory. His reputation is determined by the accumulation of his wealth. When he is wealthy, he’s respected by other kings.

3. Giving to a king acknowledges the king’s ownership. A king does not just rule his territory. He owns it. The people are his property; the land is his property. That is why even earthly kings are called “lord,” for it means “mighty owner.” Psalm 24:1 says, “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.” In verse 8 of the same chapter, we are told who the King is: “Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle.” He is the King.
Kingdom Principles For A Financial Harvest - 7 Important Points On Giving To The King
4. Giving of any kind is the greatest act of acknowledgment. Any gift that you bring to the king reveals the value and worth that you put on the king. The measure of your gift tells the king what you think of him.

5. Worship demands a gift, and giving is worship. You cannot go to a king and say, “I love you and I worship you,” without bringing a gift to prove it. Even the wise men from the Orient, who were apparently kings of a small territory, came to Jesus bearing expensive gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Scripture tells us that no one should appear before Him empty-handed (Exodus 34:20).

6. Giving to a king is expressing our thanks for what we still have. In other words, if we bring one-tenth of all we own to the king, we are showing gratefulness for the nine-tenths that we still have.

7. Finally, giving to a king puts pressure on the king to give something greater back to you. Remember the story of the queen of Sheba and King Solomon (1 Kings 10). She came with her servants bearing precious gifts worth millions in today’s dollars “to prove him.” What she was saying is that she wanted to prove that she was the greater royalty. What she discovered was a kingdom filled with plenty, and King Solomon gave back seven times more than he received. It was a competition of out-blessing each other! That is the way it works in kingdoms.

If we could only grasp what the Lord wants us to understand through the kingdom principles throughout the Bible. We would never appear before Him empty-handed. We would bring our greatest gifts, knowing that He always gives back much more than we offer Him.

If we truly understood how to give to our King Jesus, we would realize that God can shift wealth around just as easily and quickly as He did overnight by giving the wealth of Egypt to their slaves—the children of Israel.

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