A Must Read - 5 Things You Don't Need To Have If You Want To Have A Pure Courtship!

Many Christian singles who are in relationship/courtship really wish to have pure courtship or relationship. 

But, that dream is like a mirage to many of them, as many of them keep falling into sexual immorality. Many to-be marriage beds are already defiled! One of the major reasons why this so is because many who are in courtship have what they should not have to have a pure courtship. I want to menton five of those things you don’t need to have if you want to have a pure courtship:

1. YOU DON’T NEED A BED: There is nothing like courtship bed in the Bible. The Bible only talks about ‘Marriage Bed’. ( Hebrews 13:4). Once you have a bed the two of you sleep on now that you are in courtship, that your courtship bed will defile your ‘marriage bed’ in advance. Only married couples should sleep together on bed, not singles who are in a relationship or courtship. 
A Must Read - 5 Things You Don't Need To Have If You Want To Have A Pure Courtship!

As a Christian lady, stop the habit of jumping on the bed of your fiance when you visit him. Sit on a chair. When you lie on the bed, it suggests you are ready for him. It might not mean you want sex or romance, but that posture of lying, sleeping on his bed when you are not sick suggests many things! Be careful! Don’t be a source of temptation to your partner! You don’t need to have a bed to have a pure courtship!

2. YOU DON’T NEED A BATHROOM: I have heard of so many singles who bath together all in the name of expressing love to their partners. If you want a sinful, ungodly, polluted courtship, continue your 'joint bathing game’. For those who desire to have a pure courtship, you don’t need a bathroom in your courtship. I know a young man who was always bathing with his girlfriend. 

One day, while in that bathroom together, fight started because he wanted to have sex with her or do one sexual activity and the girl refused and splashed soap on his face, they fought and pushed themselves out of the bathroom naked! What a show of shame! Christian singles, others may, you cannot! Never use the bathroom together in courtship. You don’t need a bathroom to have a pure courtship!

3. YOU DON’T NEED A PADLOCK : Don’t lock any door when you are together alone. I hope you know that going to his house to pass the night is passing your boundary? If you truly desire to have a pure courtship, stop being together behind closed doors. Once you are behind closed doors alone, you have closed the door of purity against yourselves. Leave the door ajar! What do you want to say that needs the door to be closed before he/she can hear you? 

Princess, immediately you see that brother trying to close the door, carry your bag and be saying the closing prayer as you go on the road, not in that room! You don’t need a padlock to have a colourful courtship!

4. YOU DON’T NEED SEXUAL SKILLS: In marriage, you will need all the sexual skills you can learn, but you don’t need it in courtship! A guy reported himself to me about how he is hooked up to pornography. I asked him why he started watching porn. He said so that he can know how to make his girlfriend enjoy him on bed when he starts dating. You could see the deprivation of such a mind. Sexual skills are not needed in courtship, they are tools for marriage. 

Don’t be a fool to use a marriage tools in courtship! You don’t need to have sexual skills if you want to have a pure courtship!

5. YOU DON’T NEED CONTRACEPTIVE PILLS: So many singles are on family planning and swallowing all manners of contraceptives pills and yet they want a relationship God will smile at. Bro, what are you doing with condom here and there in your room? Lady, you have no business with those contraceptive pills or injection. You are not married! 

Some ladies are not yet in any relationship and they are already making serious research on which pill, injection or contraceptives that will work well with their bodies when they get into courtship because they are sure they will have reckless sexual adventures in their relationship. What a pity! For those who desire to have pure courtship, you don’t need contraceptives!

Let no body sell that lie to you that, it is not possible to have a pure courtship void of sexual activities and sex. There are still many Christian singles like you across the globe who are having pure courtship. They are honouring the Lord with their bodies and they know how to control their emotional feeling by avoiding things that can make them fall into sexual sins. You can be like them. You can have a pure courtship. It is very possible!

Thanks for reading. I hope it will bless and strengthen you in your decision for sexual purity in your relationship.

Written By Ebenezer Diyaolu

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