The Possible Causes Of Pain and Bleeding During Or After Making Love To You Husband!

It's commonly believed that the first time you have penis-in-vagina making love, you will bleed. This is actually a misconception, because your hymen wears away naturally over time. 

This means there's also a big chance you won't bleed at all your first time, depending on how old you are when you start having penetrative making love, and what else you've been up to in your life.

The bleeding and pain you experience during making love could be related to the thinning and dryness of the vagina that often occurs during menopause, after giving birth, during breastfeeding or with the use of certain types of contraceptives.

Inflammation of the cervix, sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhea or trichomoniasis can also cause bleeding. The infection of the reproductive tract usually related to a sexually transmitted infection, uterine fibroids, low-dose birth control pills can leave the lining of the uterus too thin thereby causing bleeding.
The Possible Causes Of Pain and Bleeding During Or After Making Love To You Husband!
Yeast infections and certain vulvar dermatosis can also cause the skin of the vulva and vagina to become thin and delicate sometimes leading to small tears in the skin during intercourse causing pain and bleeding. Blood thinners can also cause post-coital bleeding.

If you don't make enough lubrication before making love in and out friction can result in tiny tears, which in turn can result in blood.

In penetrative making love, certain position can sometimes get your cervix rubbed thereby causing blood stain after making love.

Sometimes, It could be the start of your period, so the blood is unexpected, or it could be a bit afterwards, when you thought you were done but there is still more left inside.

Rough making love can result in tiny tears in your vaginal walls, which can in turn result in bleeding. Also inflammation of Virginia and cervix as well as Cervical ectropion, PID, Polyp, endometriosis, Cervical dysplasia and cancer can cause virgina bleeding.

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