Is Masturbation A Sin - Teenage Boys and The Hormone Factories (Part 1)

Masturbation is perhaps one of the most debated—and least resolved—sexual subjects in the church. 

The views and opinions about masturbation, its effects, and consequences (especially spiritual) have been swirling through the church for a very very long time.

In reality, it cannot be clearly said that the act of masturbation is in itself a sin, for the Bible never uses the word, nor does it imply or hint about the act of masturbation. Obviously, the Bible deals in some depth with sexual immorality, perversions, and the like, but masturbation is never spelled out as belonging to any particular category.

Since Scripture is silent about it, many pastors who are bold about the subject have differing schools of thoughts as to whether masturbation can be classified as a sin?

The questions beg an in-depth answer ..!

Throughout the history of the church, various voices have arisen, some decrying masturbation as self-abuse and onanism; some simply calling it something which may not be the best God has to offer but is certainly not the worst either.
 Is Masturbation A Sin - Teenage Boys and The Hormone Factories (Part 1)
It is in the wake of questions to which there seem to be no solid answers that teenagers have long been struggling. It’s to the youths who are part of this roup who are struggling with this issue that I address my comments.

Teenage Boys and The Hormone Factories
In a human male’s lifespan, there are two times when the hormone testosterone is released by his body in large quantities. The first is prenatal, when a genetically determined testosterone release transforms the fetus into a boy. The other occurs roughly between the ages of 9 and 14. This testosterone release helps transform the body of a boy into the body of a man. Because of the influence of the testosterone and other growth hormones, the boy experiences a growth spurt, broadening of the shoulders and other major muscular-skeletal changes, a deepening of the voice (which leads to the familiar teenage “cracking” of the voice), hair growth on the face, underarm areas, and groin, and maturing (in size and function) of the penis, testicles, and other sexual organs.
This testosterone “flood” is also largely responsible for the boy suddenly discovering his sex drive. Not only is his body changing at a rapid pace, but his mind is also being drawn into areas that may have been previously unexplored. If he isn’t adequately prepared, then the mind/body changes can be overwhelming and even frightening. If the boy has committed to follow Christ in his life, this flood of emotions, thoughts, and urges can also carry with it a load of guilt and shame that he may perceive as coming from God.

But since the sex drive is so strong and the physical tensions so great, they find their thoughts straying into areas that they feel must be wrong. But they seem powerless to stop thinking of them. A double burden can then be imposed when this Christian boy discovers the pleasures of masturbation and feels guilty and ashamed for doing what he believes is a sin (since nobody ever told him otherwise) but is basically powerless to stop.

It’s the responsibility of parents, church and groups like this WhatsApp HelpCentre for Youths to offer our young people a sane and workable alternative to the question of masturbation—something other than a policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell” or “just say no.” We must help them see that what’s happening to their bodies is designed by God and what they’re thinking and feeling is acceptable to God within certain boundaries.

During the bloom of youth, sexual desires become strong. Powerful hormones are released that affect the reproductive organs. A youth becomes aware that these organs are capable of producing pleasurable sensations and sometimes a youth may become sexually excited without even thinking about sex.

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