Check These Top 10 Reasons Why Breakups In Relationships and Marriages Happen

All relationships face certain problems that are difficult to handle, but sometimes these issues become so troublesome that they shake the whole foundation of the relationship and this often leads to breakup. 

Generally, the beginning of every relationship is like a fairy tale but as time passes, you are compelled to come to terms with reality which is not so magical. Fights, tensions and arguments are quite common and natural between two people living together but sometimes the situation grows worse and the only option left is to move apart from one another.

Here are a few reasons which can be held responsible for promoting breakups.

1. Misunderstandings: Misunderstandings occur due to several reasons, and the most important of all is when one person fails to understand other’s point of view. Love is often referred to as a selfless emotion but in today’s world, it is no better than a transaction, a mechanical sort of thing. We are so engulfed in the material world that we tend to become selfish, and this results in the birth of misunderstanding. While misunderstandings are not something that cannot be sorted out, they are also not to be overlooked. Often failing to understand your partner propels the relationship towards its doom.

2. Trust Issues: Trust should be the foundation of every relationship. However, in modern relationships, this very foundation is often overlooked and as a result, the relationship might appear to be beautiful from outside, but is actually hollow from the inside. Breach of trust in a relationship can have disastrous results, including the end of the whole bond. However, sometimes unnecessary suspicion of one partner towards the other can also pose a lot of problems in a relationship. It is not necessary to keep a check on each other by ransacking their phone chats or social apps, rather what is required is to trust your partner, though not blindly.
Check These Top 10 Reasons Why Breakups In Relationships and Marriages Happen
3. Communication Gap: People do aspire for a relationship where their partners would know how they feel or what they are going through without even telling them. This whole telepathy business looks very dreamy and magical, but you need to be a bit more practical in life. You must understand that unless you let the person know through your words or at least expressions, the other person would not get to know what is in your mind. Communicating your feelings and in fact your plans for the future is really very necessary in a relationship. In the absence of proper communication, there is a fair possibility that misunderstandings would fill that gap.

4. Long Distance: Although, in a long distance relationship you can make your bond interesting and charming in different ways, yet, due to lesser number of meetings, there is a fair chance of not knowing your partner completely. Sometimes when you meet your boyfriend/girlfriend for the first time and spend time together, you find out that your he/she is a very different person from what you expected him/her through phone calls and messages. And then you find it difficult to adjust or fit in. Sometimes, in relationships where people shift to different places after being together for a considerable time, certain issues start cropping up in between and this strains the relationship.

5. Keeping Secrets: In a relationship everything is expected to be crystal clear between the partners, where one should not hesitate to share anything from the other. However, when curtains start falling in between the two, not just the present vision, but also the future starts to look hazy and unclear. Keeping secrets which can affect your bond of trust and faith with your partner is likely to prove poisonous for the relationship. As it is known that any secret or a lie could not be kept hidden for long, so why get into trouble by doing so?

6. Bringing Past into the Present: Everyone should learn to live in present. Going back to the past, be it a past relationship or a mistake that you or your partner had committed, is never the right thing for your relationship. It always complicates your present and ruins your future. One must always try to remain stable by taking one solid decision. Going back and forth between past and present leaves you disjointed from both the places. One must let go of the past, as going back to past always hinders you present progress. Neither should one keep feelings for their ex nor should the other stick to their partner’s past mistakes or relations.

7. Unrealistic Expectations: When we love or start giving our attention to someone, we also expect the same and sometimes even more from them. And when these expectations are not met on the same level, they are shattered and this affects the relationship in an adverse manner. Indeed, when people give away something, they do expect the same for themselves. However, one must understand the other person as well and should not put pressure on the partner to fulfill all their wishes. Though a relationship should be one where both parties care and look after each other, but this should not be mistaken as entitlement.

8. Family Pressure: For a serious relationship, where two people look forward to spend their future together, opinions of the families also matter a lot. Sometimes families do not give their approval to a relationship because of certain reasons and put a lot of pressure on their children to break the relationship and move on. Though ideally, our parents do want the best for us, they are mostly guided by social aspects expected of a relationship where caste, income, status gain prominence over love.

9. Different Ideologies: No two people are made exactly the same and it is not likely to be possible that two persons who come together as a couple should have the same thinking and mind-set. Some people try to transform their differences into something unique, however there are others who fail to adjust with the same. People with different opinions can still form a good chemistry but those with opposite ideologies most often mess up the whole relationship as time proceeds.

10. Ego and Jealousy: Generally, we do not show ego to those whom we love and also do not keep competitive feelings towards our partners; rather we support them at every step and be happy in their success. However, certain over ambitious people cannot swallow their partner’s progress. The feeling of being inferior to their partner leads to everyday clashes and sometimes end up on breakup. Another very common reason for a broken relationship is jealousy. And it is a widely accepted fact that the place where jealousy and ego exists, love cannot blossom. Jealousy is like a serpent which coils around the relationship, hence poisoning it’s purity and essence.

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