Are You Single - Read These 18 Things You Should Know About Marriage

1.There is no perfect marriage.

2. Family that prays together stays together.

3. Apologise even when you are not the offender.

4. Know that when you are marrying, you are marrying into a family.

5. Disagreement can be solved without arguments.

6. You must have a solid financial background before marrying.

7.There is a strong relationship between collective captivity and marriage.
Are You Single - Read These 18 Things You Should Know About Marriage
8. All married couples must establish their own private homes.

9. Marriages do not just happen, they must be organized.

10. Never go to bed angry with each other.

11. Criticism and nagging destroys love.

12. Never try to force personality changes. Everyone has his own personality.

13. The right thing at the wrong time is still wrong.

14. A healthy courtship is powerful for marriages.
15. Wedding is different from marriage. Weddings just happen for some couple of hours while marriage is a lifetime event.

16. Courtship is not 'Dating'.

17. To marry a man or woman because of beauty is to buy a house because of paint.

18. The best time to know the real beauty of a lady is in the morning when she wakes up from sleep.

As a man, don't be the headache of your family but be the head.
Woman, don't be the 'Hell' of your husband but be his helper.

The worst thing after hell fire is a bad marriage. The choice is yours now, don't say "Had I known" later.

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