Rev. Oudney Patsika's Dream Interpretations Series - A Must Read!!

Jeremiah 33:3 says, Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.

Job 33:14-15 says, For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed.

1. PERSON WHO PASSED AWAY TAKES SOMETHING FROM YOU - Means there is a spiritual link that you need to break. The enemy is using that link as a conduct to siphon your virtues and blessings. A dead person in the dream is graveyard spirit. The dead has a mission to arrest and put you into bondage (John 10:10). For example, if a dead person stole something from you in the dream, it means you are going to pass through series of difficulties, hardship and disappointments. If the dream is persistent, it indicates untimely death and sickness in marriage. Pray like this: I recover my virtues from the land of the dead, and I break every evil covenant attaching me to the dead, in Jesus name! Pray & Fast to collect whatever they are stolen from you. Psalm 91 and Psalm 27.

2. SNAKES OR MASQUERADE CHASING YOU - Means that witchcraft spirits are after you. They want to hinder you from progressing and achieving greatness. The spirit of the snake is the spirit of deceit and marine spirit. It brings problems to marriages and prevent a person not to marry. Masquerade dream is a foundational problem and can make someone not to get freedom from ancestry. You have to take prayers and fasting to break every covenant with the foundational demons. Pray like this: Every serpent attacking my destiny, die by fire, in the name of Jesus! Pray and Fast using Leviticus 19:31, Micah 5:11-12 and Psalm 34:4.
Rev. Oudney Patsika's Dream Interpretations Series - A Must Read!!
3. SCORPION ATTACKING YOU - Means that you are up against very wicked and aggressive enemies of your father's house or mother's house. They are to bite and poison your glory. When a scorpion bite you, pursue you, means the agent of darkness are after you. However, if you step on it and killed it, that indicates a symbol of deliverance. Meanwhile, you need to rise up and declare war against visible and invisible enemies.

Pray like this: Thunder of God, scatter every satanic power assigned against my life in the Name of Jesus." pray and fast for 3 days using Luke 10:19,Eph 6:11-12

It means spiritual robbers are working against your promotion and favour, and the end result is shame and demotion, unless you take action now. When you wake up, send the angels of God on assignment to recover what you've lost. Ask the Holy Spirit to arrest those responsible. Ask for the garment of honor and glory from the Lord.Pray & Fast for 3 days using Joel 2:25,Ps 132:16

Means shame, demotion and hardship. A person walking barefooted in the dream will easily attract the spirit of poverty and begging. Shoe is made to cover our toes. When you walk barefooted, it means mental disturbance and loss of focus in life. Wherever you go in barefoot, it will expose you to satanic troubles. Pray and destroy the powers assigned to monitor your life and report back to your enemies. Bind the spirits of shame and poverty. Release the fire of God against them. Cover yourself with the blood of Jesus. Pray & fast for 3 days using Deut 8:18, 3 John 1:2.

Means you have been initiated into witchcraft. Flying when people or animals are pursuing you, it means deliverance over your enemies. But if you see yourself just flying around in the dream, that can also mean a wandering and aimless spirit. Some people inherit this wicked spirit from their parents and ancestors which they used to terrorize people in the dream. A flying person in the dream is a flying demon. You must be elevated this year in Jesus name. Sometimes if the flying is too frequent can lead to astral projection. Astral projection is a situation when a person is summoned spiritually from a place to another location. What are you believing God for? Pray over it and you shall be delivered today in Jesus name.
The solution is to look for a deliverance church that understand how to set people free from witchcraft spirit. Five minute prayers will not be enough to do a thorough job here. As Jesus said, "this kind goeth not but by prayer and fasting." It is a stubborn spirit. Pray like this: ‘’Destiny robbers, assigned to steal from me, die by fire, in the name of Jesus.’’ Read Luke 10:19, Matt 18:18, Psalm 35.

Means you are being monitored by household powers. Especially if it is a black bird, vulture or owl. You are being observed and monitored for evil. Wherever you go, whatever you do or whoever you meet will be manipulated in the astral world. This evil bird send a message or report to the witchcraft world against you. If care is not taken, it may result to terrible sickness and untimely death. You pray "Every evil observer of my glory , be roasted by the fire of God, in Jesus Name". If you are not familiar with the kind of bird in the dream, then you need to ask God to open your spiritual monitor.If you joke with spiritual bird, you will regret for the rest of your life. In most cases, some people do have a feeling or even observe a particular bird following them in the physical realm, in that case, don’t fear. Go back home and wait till night hour particular at 11pm. Look at where moon is sighted and point your hand at it and declare this: ‘’You moon, hear the word of the Lord, kill every evil bird monitoring me, in the name of Jesus.’’ Go back home and sleep. Read this: Col 1:13, Col 2:15, I John 3:8 etc

Means you are stagnated in one spot. This is where everything you do result to nothing. When you dream of a person falling into a pit, it means satanic bondage and imprisonment. An indication that a person can no longer progress or achieve destiny as expected. If this dream is frequent, then it means your spiritman has been tied down in one strange location. Check out those who often experience this dream never rule over their career etc. A dream of falling into a pit also means a tied hand, legs etc.
If you see yourself in a pit, you have already been sold out into slavery and poverty. And the people responsible for this are those who are closer to you. The story of Joseph was a good example. A man that was hated by family due to envy and jealousy and thrown into a pit (prison). He was delayed for many years until God responded swiftly. (Genesis 41:1-57). This act of wickedness can come from a member of your family, friends, relatives or from a total stranger. It could be influenced by your partner who has a plan to bewitch you and put you under prolong suffering. Reject it. You pray like this: " O Lord, send your angelic hosts to rescue me from the pit in Jesus name". Then you begin to declare like David in Psalm 40:2. He brought me up also out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock and established my goings". Read Isaiah 41:10, Acts 16:25-34). Pray and fast for 3 days between 6am to 3pm.

Going back to your formal house needs no further interpretation as it clearly indicated backwardness, retrogression and failure at the edge of breakthrough. This dream is a father of stagnation and a mother of promise and fail. Satan’s agenda is to make sure the children go backward more farther against their dreams. God expects us to move forward, progress and fulfill our destiny as written in Jeremiah 29:11. If you find it hard to progress, you are likely to be held back by foundational and idolatry demons in your father’s or mother’s house. A person who hardly encounter success, good things or inability to complete a thing is operating under the influence of this demonic dream. At first, you may not start to experience the symptoms, but if you fail to reject it immediately, it may start manifesting soon.
However, if you don't stand against this through prayer and fasting, you might soon find yourself making negative move or backward progress, being passed over for promotion at work, losing favor with friends and family, making silly mistakes that annoy your boss at work and can get you fired etc. Many people have enrolled themselves in deliverance for the purpose of this dream situation. It’s very annoying as a full blown Christian to be seeing yourself in your old house. It’s a big slap to your salvation. Trust me! The best way to solving this kind of dream and believe to experience a relative rest is through deep deliverance in a living church. Here in my ministry, I normally recommend my followers to conduct deliverance in Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries. You pray: " Every altar of backwardness in my fathers house, catch fire, in the Name of Jesus". Then you quickly follow up with this one: " Let the habitation of humiliation and demotion be battered, shattered and swallowed up the power of God, in Jesus Name". Read: Matthew 10:6-8, Luke 9:1 , Isaiah 54:17 , Psalm 27.

Means you are under attack by the spirits of poverty and debt. Please note that this is a stubborn generational spirit that is usually transferred from person to person, from one generation to another. In my post at, I carefully interpreted this as the spirit of God indicated it as emptiness. Emptiness of glory. When you pick coins or money in the dream, your original virtues have gone and something (unclean spirit) is being deposited immediately into your spirit.
Are you consistent or faithful in tithing, sowing or even seed offering?

To make this clearer to beginners, if a person a pick something off the ground - money, coins etc, such person has contacted the wicked demons in the land of the dead. The money that does not belong to you when you pick them off the ground can never amount a blessing but a curse. Whether the money is huge or not. The Bible says, he giveth riches and added no sorrow. Meanwhile, a frequent dream of picking coin or money implies that a curse has been issued against you somewhere. You need to pray to know the person and the kind of curse. Obviously, it is a curse of begging and suffering.
You pray like this: "I bind the spirits of lack and poverty in my foundation. I break the backbone of lack and scarcity in my life in the Name of Jesus.”Let the chapter of lack and want be closed forever in Jesus mighty Name". Read: Gal 3:13-14, Matt 6:33, Deut 28:15-68

Means the spirit of death and hell is after you. It is a binded covenant with the graveyard spirit. This dream has the power to scatter what a person has gathered for many years. Do you know the implication of a person being buried in the dream? The symptoms are demotion, loss, setbacks and tears. Anything the person touches can never be a blessing because it spirit has been polluted and contaminated by dead spirit.
Sometimes, the person can be a walking corpse partly earthly and partly spiritual. There are many people like that in our world today. It is no longer news. This dream is being set up by dead relatives to mess up a person’s glory. Backwardness and acute frustration becomes an inevitable phenomenon. A person who always dream of dead relatives need to rush himself or herself to a deliverance ministry for urgent help. One of the toughest deliverance ever is the deliverance from the spirit of death and hell. However, the person may experience sickness unto death, unnecessary afflictions, a strange breeze from the graveyard being blown toward the person. The person will be having constant thought of suicide. Everywhere the person goes, he will be seeing corpse, casket in the spirit. This is a serious matter.
Another person normally have a feeling of death being pursued them whenever they close their eyes for a minute and they begin to see death - skeletons, cemetry and the rest of it. Use the scripture in Psalm 118:17 and Revelation 12:11 then begin to pray like this: "The anger of God shall write the obituary of all my oppressors in the name of Jesus". Take this prayer for 7 days midnight prayers. Go to my blog and look for any midnight prayers and take them right away. There is no time for procrastination and weakness. Take action now and let the Almighty God revive your glory from the casket. Pray like this: ‘’Every graveyard spirit holding down part of my glory, release it and catch fire, in the name of Jesus.’’ Read: Psalm 49:10-14, Hosea 13:14, Psalm 79:7-13, Psalm 91:1-16.

Losing your hair in the dream means a loss of glory and honor. For example, as a woman, how do you feel when an unknown person cut off your hair in the dream? I know your answer you should be ‘feeling very bad.’ That’s the eye of the dream about hair cut. Plaiting, loss of hair, cut of hair, or shaving of hair falls into the same category of meaning. I took my time, and even my Godly resources to interpret this most common dream. If somebody plait your hair or cut off your hair in the spirit realm, means you are under attack from witchcraft spirit. A woman whose hair is cut off has a date with marital problem. No matter the person that cut off or plaited your hair such person is being manipulated to steal your glory. The hair of a woman settles her marital destiny. The hair of a woman constitutes her beauty. Invariably, the hair of a man lies his own virtue. If we look at this dream, we should come to agreement that our enemies does not want to obtain favor and progress in life. If somebody cut off your hair for example, means the enemy is actually sucking your spiritual strength. And if you fail to take immediate action through prayers, it will loss to marital and financial disgrace.
One of the worst thing that can ever happen to a man is when he has no money. On the other hand, if a man’s hair is being cut, or barbed, it means financial loss and setbacks. It shows that an arrow of suffering has been fired into the financial room of the man. For example, if a man is struggling to achieve anything with his money may be under the arrow of witchcraft barber. Meanwhile, to a woman, this dream brings nothing but loss. However, if a woman is frequently experiencing this dream of hair , means that she has a spirit husband and a connection with the water spirit. Whether the person that carried out the hair operation is a woman or unknown. The fact remains that the person has touched the faculty of your glory which is very bad in the sight of God. Remember Samson and how he was captured by his enemies. It began with the loss of his hair. Pray like this: ‘’Every witchcraft power assigned to manipulate my marital and financial glory, die by fire, in Jesus name.’’ Read: (James 4:7, Psalm 44:5, Acts 1:8)

If you see yourself as a beggar or begging, the curse of poverty is on your life. You need to break that curse, destroy both the roots and the fruits in your life, and return arrows of poverty back to wherever they came from. Then use scripture in Psalm 84:11 to ask for a release of good things and abundance into your life.

And not able to complete before waking up indicates obstacles on your way of progress. A spirit of failure and stagnancy at work.

You should rise up and begin to cancel every ordinance of death and hell against your life and your loved ones. At times the death might just be targeted as certain areas of your life, eg.
marriage, finances or even certain organs of the body. In any case, spiritual violence is order to terminate the assignment of death against you.

To see animals in your dream generally gives you a clue to the spiritual challenges coming against you. My advice is you look closely at the characteristics of such animals in the physical and you'll have a pretty good idea what's going on in the spirit. For instance, serpents mean that you are under attack by wickedly intelligent spirits, highly poisonous with an agenda to steal, kill and destroy. Dogs represent sexual demons and if they bite you in the dream, they will introduce the demons of lust and sexual perversion into your life. Have you ever heard some Christians who fall into fornication at the drop of a hat, saying they don't know what got into them? They are under the power of the dog

Means your virtues (God-given endowments) are being withdrawn from your life by wicked powers. This is the area the child will cry against your pregnancy. As a result of an evil cry against you in the spirit.

Means that your spirit man is very dull and weak, and is not strong enough to withstand satanic activities against you. In fact, they could even feed you with human flesh and blood in the dream this way, and by the time you wake up, you find yourself physically ill. This is a popular method of planting sickness and incurable diseases in the lives of people. To some, it is satanic bondage Jesus said: "While men slept, the enemy came and sowed tares". The tares include spiritual poison in the dream through food. You will need to vomit the evil consumption.....and then lash out with holy anger against evil caterers like this: "You evil caterers feeding me in the name, I command you to eat your own flesh and drink your own blood in the Name of Jesus". This is an advanced warfare prayer that has its basis in scripture, in case you are wondering. In the book of Isaiah 49:25-26. You now see how certain scriptures that are not taught a lot in most places could hold the key to your victory and deliverance from bad dreams, among other things.

Means the enemy wants to disgrace you, period! if you are in a confrontation with someone in the physical realm, the person may want to disgrace you soon be wise. The scripture to apply here is Isaiah 61:7.

Its an advanced warning that the spirits of marriage destruction are working against you. You need to rise up aggressively and cancel their assignment. Then go on the offensive by summoning them together and releasing the judgment of the Lord against them. The Bible says, "What God has joined together, let not man put asunder". So far as you were married according to biblical principles, you can stand on this scripture to release all kinds of weapons from God's armory against them.

Means sexual demons have been programmed into your life. You'll have to pray hard not to fall into sexual sins.

Is a sign of marital failure looming on the horizon. Better cancel it quickly and go on the offensive to recover your marriage from the hands of evil spiritual consultants.

Means your virtues are being spiritually withdrawn. You need to release the fire of God to burn the strange baby to ashes. Then you withdraw your virtues from the evil storehouse.

Means you have a spirit spouse who will do everything in its power to destroy your earthly marriage, just to keep you for themselves. They sometime cause business failure, get anyone who comes close fired from work, and even arrange fatal accidents to eliminate all competition. People who have sex in the dream are "loaded" with all kinds of spiritual materials like serpents circulating in their body without their knowledge, unexplainable health problems, and routine failure and frustration. They find it really difficult to have conception and give birth. Many of them end up being barren....... and running from place to place for solutions. If they manage to get married, they find that the finances of the family disappear suddenly and mysteriously.

Means a satanic embargo has been placed on your progress in life. Unless you break the curse and cancel its evil consequences, you might just find life suddenly becoming a HUGE burden, friends turning to enemies, those who should help refusing to help. and misfortune dogging your every step.

Means you are being cursed. Cancel , reject and revoke the curse in the Name of Jesus, and replace it with the blessings in God in Deut 28 from verse one to fourteen.

Dreams of seeing cobwebs means hindrances designed to prevent you from fulfilling your purpose in life. You need to pray like this: "Satanic cobwebs, be roasted by fire in the Name of Jesus"

When you dream and discover you were catching fishes in a river or stream, it depicts prosperity in your business or in any area of your profession. As an evangelist, it signifies soul winning. As a business person it indicates breakthrough.

When you dream and find yourself singing choruses or praising God or casting out demons and they are obeying you, it shows that you are alive in the spirit. It indicates you are in good term also with God and alert in the spirit.

When you dream and see yourself swimming in the river with people you don’t know or even flying in the air , it indicates you are possessed or initiated to marine goddess if you constantly swim in the dream or you are possessed or influenced with witchcraft spirit if you constantly see yourself flying. If it just occurred only once and not repeated and with people you know, then it must not be demonic but out of playfulness or business of the day.

When you dream and find yourself under incarceration or bottled, police cell or in a cage i.e. where freedom of movement or will is prohibited. It indicates there is a serious hindrance presently in your life spiritually and physically. It also may indicate that your life is in danger in the hand of witches and wizards or your enemies. It may also indicate your progress is been hindered.

When in a dream, you are being shot with a gun by somebody but it couldn’t harm you, or it missed you, it means there was danger in your life but God delivered you, if you are shot and wounded, then it shows your life is presently in danger and you are somehow powerless or overcomed already. If someone is chasing you with gun, then it depicts danger looms around you.

When you dream and find your car stolen or your house burgled or shop broken through by thieves but you wake up to see that nothing has taking place. You are getting warning security signals to beef up your security both physically and spiritually. If you lost money in your dreams, then watch over your financial dealings with man or God.

When you dream and you or someone close to you is involved in a fatal accident. It indicates there is danger ahead except you
pray. If you are afraid about your travelling, don't go without pleading the blood of Jesus over your journey.

When you dream where you are plucking ripe fruits, it indicates that God is about to bless you. It shows that God will soon reward you for your labour. Pray and watch out for the opportunity God will open for your blessing and be diligent, alert and obedient to God’s word.

This means you will soon be favoured maritally especially when you are presently in a serious relationship. This dream is an eye opener from God to stay calm that the person will end up marrying you.This dream can only come to pass when you see that same man whom you are dating physically coming to you for proposal in the dream. it's a sign that he has a clear plan to marry you if you can organise yourself well.God is in charge of this relationship. Pray well to scatter any witchcraft plan against you.

When you dream and find yourself crying for joy, it is a good dream. it means something great is coming on your way but when you see yourself crying with grief and pain, it indicates devils plan to feed you with the bread of sorrow and mourning. reject it now. Handle this verse well. PS 30:5;John 16:20. Pray like this, any power planning to make you shed tears of sorrow shall die in Jesus name.

To fight in the dream means you have enemies who are planning to deal with you. Fighting in the dream indicates spiritual warfare. if you are able to fight and run away successfully, it is a sign of victory. if you are running away from your pursuers, it means deliverance from captivity. Pray and fast for 1 day using PS 70,Eph 6:11-12.

Market is a place where demonic activities are transacted to buy and sell. If you see yourself in the market,means witchcraft plan to enslave you and to initiate you into their demonic World Trade. If you are a business person, this dream leads to the failure of business and lack of spiritual power. When this dream become frequent, it becomes mental disturbance. Rise up and challenge this powers trying to project loss and stagnant onto your life.

It indicate stagnancy and slow progress. if you pick up snails from the ground, means you are going through hardship and struggle. a life where no one is helping you. don't worry it shall be well in Jesus name. if you dream where the snail is crawling,moving but without getting getting to its final destination, this is a sign of setback and failure.though,there is no success without failure, mistakes etc, you are going to make it in life but it will gradual. be patient with God. it will surely come to pass in Jesus name.

Means spiritual poison, an initiation into witchcraft world. Matt 18:18. This is interpreted to be a bad omen, because it may mean that the food one likes to eat may be poisoned by someone else.

This is interpreted usually as a bad sign. The masquerade or the by animals or animal is a manifestation of evil forces. In practical terms, one’s masquerades enemies are planning evil against the person involved.

This is often interpreted as a foreshadowing of poverty. The dreamer may be having a vicarious experience of wealth and mistake this for reality by relaxing, or it could mean the possibility of a sudden wealth that has no basis in the dreamer’s efforts and can also lead back to poverty if the dreamer does not embark on productive activities.

This is interpreted as washing away ill luck or failure. Bathing in one’s house suggests some element of control by the person .

This may mean that the person is married already in the Spirit world and may remain unmarried for ever in the physical world. For the already married person, this could mean a gradual transition to the ancestral world where reunion is a form of marriage.

46. SOAKED BY RAIN: This is often interpreted as a sign of blessing to the dreamer

47. DIAMOND GOLD: Whenever you receive diamond or gold in your dream, the diamond signifies glory and honor while the gold means financial break through.

48. DOG OR CAT: Someone who dreams and kills a dog or cat has been given victory over his household enemies. On the other hand, if the animals are not domestic, but are either snake or scorpions, it also means that God has given him victory over enemies outside his home.

49. INTERVIEW: Someone who dreams, he is being shot on a video camera having a journalist interview or being tape recorded while giving a speech means he or she shall be either a national or an international star depending on the type of people interviewing him or her.

50. ANOINTING OIL: When someone receives an anointing oil in his dreams, it means the person is receiving a divine mantle. Find out more about whose image God is using in the dream. This may help you to discover the total meaning of the dream.

51. MAN OF GOD: Someone who sees a man of God in a dream has received a revelation of God’s shadow because men of God represent God.

52. FRUIT: Whenever you are given one particular fruit in your dream, it means you have been given a divine gift from God. Receiving different types of fruits means that you have been given different types of gift from the Holy Spirit which can also include an apostolic gift.

53. BIBLE: Someone who dreams that he has been given a chapter or verse of the bible in a dream means that there is a message from God out of that verse for him. It can be a warning, words of encouragement or words of wisdom. The scripture given will show what God wants to communicate.

54. DRIVING A CAR: Someone who dreams and sees himself always driving a private car also means God will one day give him/her a personal work or independence to become an employer.

55. DRIVING A BUS: A dream where one finds himself driving a commercial vehicle containing people but the dreamer has no knowledge about driving is a sign that the person will become a leader over a group of people in a government company in the near future, the size of the vehicle he is driving will determine the number of people in the company.

56. DRIVING A TAXI CAB: A dream where a non-taxi driver finds himself driving a taxi speaks of one that shall lead a group of people but they will not be large in number.

25. Driving a cargo car: The driving of a cargo car loaded with goods by one who is not a driver means the person will one day be in charge of properties. The size of the car he saw in the dream will determine the size of the property he will be in charge of.

26. Visa: A dreamer who receives a visa in a dream under a parabolic dream signifies divine authority to go places. Note that when the person is seriously sick before this dream, it is a signal that that person’s departure from this universe has been approved by God; which means death.

27. Shoe: To be given a new shoe in a dream is an indication of being given a new opportunity.

28. Money: Someone who is given money in a dream is one who is being given wisdom to make wealth or doors of financial opportunities are about to be opened unto him.

29. High mountain or building: Someone who dream’s and sees himself on top of a high mountain or a high story building has great victory in store.

30. Computer: The dreamer who finds himself always using a computer where as he is not a computer literate, speaks of someone who God will make famous by means of the mass media.

31. Politician: A Pastor who moves with politicians in a dream will experience great opposition and criticism. The end of the dream will determine whether he/she will be victorious or not.

32. Honey or Candy: Whoever dreams and finds he/she is being given a Candy or honey is a pointer that God will turn the fellow’s bitterness into sweetness in this life.

33. Keys: Whenever you receive keys in a dream, it means God has given you divine wisdom, authority, dominion and power. A lone key however is an indication that you are being given an opportunity.

34. Picture of Jesus: Someone who dreams and sees the picture of Jesus has a divine calling upon him into ministry, to preach the gospel worldwide. A frequent recurrence of the dream is an indication that God is serious about the issue.

35. Fishing: Someone who dreams and finds himself fishing but is not a fisherman has received anointing to win souls. In the future, he can become a preacher or a successful businessman with so much influence over society.

36. Laughing: Whenever you dream and see yourself laughing and instantly wake up with the laughter it means your mourning will turn into laughter.

37. Traveling: Whenever you find yourself traveling oversees for a business in a dream. It could be taken literally to mean just that. Under parabolic dreams however, it means your blessings are not limited to where you are.

38. Police or Soldier: When police men or soldiers appear in your dream to rescue you from satanic attack, it means the Angels of God has rescued you from the hands of witchcraft powers. Note when they are after you in a dream, it signifies demonic attack.

39. Bible: Someone who dreams of receiving a Bible in a dream as a gift signifies that he has been given salvation, divine wisdom, divine power, divine dominion and divine authority.

40. Vomiting: Whenever you see yourself vomiting in your dream it means you are being delivered from the hands of the evil one or from sickness.

41. Beating someone: Whenever you see yourself beating someone in your dream, it means the power of God has come over you to defeat your enemies.

42. National flag: Whenever you see a national flag being turned upside down or being burnt by fire in a dream, it means that such a nation will face misfortunes, such as wars or natural disasters or famine.

43. Dirty water, dirty places or mad person: Poverty is depicted in a dream by someone seeing dirty water, walking through nasty grounds such as on faecal matter, gutters, refuse dump and seeing a mad person. Even if the dreamer is well of in the society, he or she needs to watch out for an impending disgrace ahead of his life.

44. Former School, home, teacher, sites etc: Someone who dreams and sees himself in his formal school, hometown, formal residence, formal work site or sees his formal teacher, ex president , formal land lord, is a signal of a setback in life and also an indication of great honor being withheld from the dreamer.

45. Ghost, Casket, ambulance, grave: If you dream and see the ghost of a dead person, casket, ambulance or grave yard it signifies that the spirit of death is at hand.

46. Black ants: Black ants clustered in ones bedroom or around ones bed, depicts the crowd that will gather for the persons funeral. This is a negative dream and has to be resisted at all cost.

47. Funeral cloth: If you find yourself in a funeral cloth in a dream, it signifies a life of sorrow.

48. Red pepper, onion, ginger: Plucking of red pepper or receiving a gift of red paper, onion and ginger is an indication of pain, bitterness, sorrow and hardship to be unleashed.

49. Snake or poisonous insect: If snake or any poisonous animal or insect bites you in a dream, it means your enemies have succeeded in overcoming you with an evil plot.

50. Snail, Tortoise: Seeing snail and tortoise in a dream means that ones rate of growth will be slow especially with regard to prosperity. This is negative and needs to be dealt with prayer.

51. Dumb: Whenever you see yourself dumb in a dream it means you cannot express yourself especially in self defense.

52. Prison: Whenever you find yourself in prison or a police cell in a dream, it signifies spiritual stagnation.

53. Goat, Cow: Whenever you see a goat or cow in dream especially the black one’s it signifies witchcraft.

54. Pig, Vulture: Whenever you dream about a pig or vulture it also signifies embarrassment or poverty.

55. Sheep: Whenever you see a white ram or a white sheep in a dream it signifies meekness.

56. Sex, Romance, Eating: Someone who dreams that he/she is having sex or having romance and eating in a dream can result into set back, sickness, spiritual weakness, lack of marriage and disappointment in life.

57. Drinking: If you are already a strong Christian, and you have a dream that you are drinking alcohol, smoking and bowing down to a shrine or having fun at a club house or disco it is a warning from God against a backsliding.

58. Naked or defecating: Someone who dreams and finds himself walking nacked in a market place or defecating on himself will experience self disgrace.

59. Rainbow, Chameleon: A dreamer who sees rainbow or a chameleon in his dream will definitely make it in life. But the pace will be slow. This person should not rush in life but take it slowly with God.

60. Shot with a gun, receiving injection or eating: If you find yourself having being shot with gun, receiving an injection or eating food in a dream excluding meat, it is a sign of sickness which will be difficult to be diagnosed
61. Eating meat: note when the food contains only meat, it means such a person has contracted blind witchcraft which is a dangerous dream.

This dream can be updated anytime. God bless you!

Extracted From Evangelist Joshua Orekhie -

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