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Mugabe’s ‘New Party’ Drop Rape & Murder Bombshell … Claim ED Is Giving Back Land To White Farmers

Former government minister Ambrose Mutinhiri’s opposition party has made startling claims of death and rape, among other crimes committed during former President Robert Mugabe’s shock ouster by the military last November.

In a statement on the eve of the country’s 38 years of independence Tuesday, the Mugabe-backed National Patriotic Front (NPF) also accused the new Emmerson Mnangagwa regime of planning to dispossess previously disadvantaged locals of the wealth given to them by Mugabe during his tenure.

“As we celebrate our independence, we should be cognisant of the plight of those whose fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters were killed, internally and externally displaced, raped and maimed during the November 2017 coup.

“Our thoughts should be with those that were tortured, harassed and humiliated for trying to protect a constitutionally elected people’s government,” said the Zanu PF offshoot.
Mugabe’s ‘New Party’ Drop Rape & Murder Bombshell … Claim ED Is Giving Back Land To White Farmers
During his first ever public comments about his ouster last month Mugabe claimed that the military killed a lot of people who tried to repel the coup.

However, apart from the statements by the former leader and his backers, there has been no evidence put to the public domain to prove claims of death and rape.

Meanwhile, in its Uhuru eve comments, NPF also accused the “coup plotters” of attempts to reverse Mugabe’s controversial empowerment drive while trying to curry favour with “our former colonisers”.

“It is sad that, as we celebrate our 38th year of self-determination, we are faced with the gloom reality of an illegal regime doing everything to reverse the land reform and indigenisation policies that had been set in motion as vehicles for creating a generation of black land owners and industrialists, all under the guise of a useless anecdote that ‘Zimbabwe is open for business’.”

“…We are aware that Zanu PF under Emmerson Mnangagwa is threatening to take away land from resettled black farmers and hand it back to former white farmers.”

Since ascending to the top job, President Mnangagwa has attended some international business forums in attempts to woo foreign business owners to come and invest in the country.

Originally by New Zimbabwe

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