A Must Read - Where Women Go Wrong In Bed!

The porn industry is one of the most thriving businesses in the world and for obvious reasons; it may never run out of business! However much pornography has retrieved people’s sex lives, it can ruin it too. 

It is confusing as well as intriguing for a married woman to pull porn moves in her marital bedroom.

These moves not being the only issue, there are those things women tend to leave in their past after settling down with a man for life. We bring you the things a woman ought to ditch after settling down with a man. Read on:
Vulgar Language: A number of women believe men want to hear dirty language in bed for the action to be hyper. Well, this does work but only to some extent. While this may turn your man on, it has boundaries. You cannot make it a daily habit to speak very vulgar language because it may get boring and even make you look like a very improper woman. Speak dirty once in a while unless your man really likes it and encourages you.

Jumping Into Bed Without Bathing: “‘It is very cold, I will pass the bathing till tomorrow,” my boss would tell her man on the rainy evenings and indeed, it was rare for her to bathe at night. Her man had never looked comfortable with this but being her housemaid, I minded my business till the man married another woman,’ narrates Maria Nakacwa, now a salonist in Nakawa. A number of women look for the slightest excuses to go to bed without bathing which is very irritating to their men. A married woman ought to bathe before going to bed even when it is unnecessary.

Receiving Phone Calls: Nothing kills a great relationship than phone obsession. A number of married women are crying foul after their own smart phones have put an end to their very passionate relationships. it is advisable to have time and space for your spouse and put the phone aside or better still, switch off data till it is required.

Porn Styles: While some men enjoy seeing a flexible and exciting woman in bed, others find it completely disgusting. While knowing all the sex styles is completely amazing, it may pull off as a whorish move. If you want to try something new and exciting with your man, first consult with him an see his opinion.
A Must Read - Where Women Go Wrong In Bed!
Wearing Knickers in Bed: The feel of skin on another is one great turn on for men. While some women are running to every shrine in Africa looking for solutions to their loveless marriages, the answer is just in ditching that mothers union and seeing how things can turn around in your bedroom.

Running To Bathroom after Bonking: This is the number one killer esteem in men. While sex is for making one feel loved, running to the bathroom when you are done bonking may pull off as something very bad because your man will feel like he disgusts you. If you must run to wash up, it doesn’t have to be immediately.

Not Owning Cleaning Towel:
Much as some men will act like it doesn’t matter if you clean him after sex or not, they actually do mind it. A woman who takes time to wipe off her fluids off her man’s whopper after coitus is definitely better off than one who just looks on like she is clueless.

Ugly Night Gown: Yes, an ugly night gown is one of the worst turn offs for men. Every woman should possess a beautiful night dress or pyjamas. The cotton long buggy night gowns which are supposedly made for women in labour wards should be ditched for the time when you are pregnant!

Sleeping Naked While on Period: There is no point in wearing a padded panty and leaving the rest of the body exposed while on your monthly period. Don’t ask us why but according to our resident sexpert, it is a total turn off.

Kids In Bed: Kids can mean to be stubborn and cry throughout the night if not allowed into your bed but this can also completely ruin your sex life. To be on the safer side, train your kids to sleep in their beds unless they are sick. Also practice getting kids out of your bedroom as soon as they begin to understand.

Eating Beans At Night: Beans are known to create unnecessary gas in the stomach and in fact, they leave most people bloated! Married or cohabiting couples need to learn to avoid beans as an evening meal! Much as they are a cheap and tasty meal on Ugandan standards, they can also ruin your love life especially if you keep releasing sewage missiles inform of gas as you sleep!

Cleaning With Toothpaste: Yes, toothpaste is known to get rid of foul mouth smell at night but did you know that using it before bed can ruin your morning breath? Well, ditch the toothpaste and practice using warm water and salt when you are going to bed, thank us later!

Perfume at Night: Perfume smells nice, but women ought to understand that not every occasion is for smelling sweet. At night, a woman needs to smell fresh and not try hard to conceal her natural scent. Some perfumes give people pure headache and not a great feeling like is required in bed.

Source - Where Women Go Wrong In Bed! | www.thegrapevine.co.ug

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