Are You Looking For Mrs. Right - Here Are 5 Signs That She Is The Right Woman For You!

There’ll never be an end to humanity’s quest to find Mr and Mrs Right. As long as time remains, we’ll always go for what’s best for us when it comes to everything –even dating and marriage. As a man who’s looking to settle down, you want a woman who totally gets you in every way, and even though it’s not always easy to find one, it’s not impossible.

Sometimes, all it takes is looking in the right places and paying enough attention to detail. Here are some signs a woman could be the one for you:

1. She Understands You: Understanding is the greatest key to having a peaceful relationship. If your partner doesn’t get you and your ways, chances are she’ll get tired of fighting you, and move on at some point.

A woman who understands you knows who you are, and why you’re you. She knows your tastes, she knows your likes, and she knows your dislikes. Women like that are priceless.
Are You Looking For Mrs. Right - Here Are 5 Signs That She Is The Right Woman For You!
2. You Share Similar Tastes and Beliefs: Sometimes, a relationship can be successful without having similar likes, tastes and beliefs (at least, I have seen some do), but I think it’s always better when you’re both on the same page when it comes to a lot of things. You both like sports, you both have the same religious belief, you both have the same principles, etc. These things go a long way in ensuring a happy relationship.

3. She Believes In You: If I’m going to settle down in a relationship, I definitely don’t want a woman who cannot support my goals, dreams, and ambition. I want someone who sees what I see. Someone who although might not see it manifesting itself now, believes it can still happen tomorrow. Women like that are good for you to keep going, and not throw in the towel. A woman who doesn’t see what you see will kill your dreams faster than a wake-up call.

4. She Pushes You To Test Your Limits: The essence of dating is to find support. I say that all the time. You cannot settle for a woman who all she does is eat your food, and bring nothing to the table. The woman you date must add value to your life. Does she make you better? Does she want you to improve and soar? Does she stop you from not acting on your big dreams? That is the kind of woman every man needs.

5. The People That Matter In Your Life Like Her: Sometimes, you don’t quite appreciate what you have until someone close to you points it out. You have friends and family, how do they feel about and around that woman you have in your life? Do they like to have her around always? Do they keep reminding you of what a gem she is? These are tiny hints that you found yourself a gem, and you should cling to it.

Rev. Oudney N. Patsika - Is A Church Organizational Leadership and Management Coach, Consultant and Trainer.  Oudney Demonstrates A Passion For Showing Pastors and Ministers How To Use Organizational Tools For Shurch and Personal Growth and Health. He Serves As The Strategic Thinker For Glory Ministries Under Apostle Pride Sibiya.

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