Ten Reasons Why You Should Attend Mzansi Tiyambuke 2017

Harare – Mzansi Tiyambuke 2017 enters its third year in Durban from 13th to 16th April – and here are 10 undisputable reasons why you must start packing your bags now – and be part of the world-acclaimed yearly conference.

1. It is Easter. Easter is the greatest Christian holiday because Jesus’s Christ’s death and resurrection is what saved us.

2. It is our Passover and we will have the annual Holy Communion together. This is the only time when all Mzansi Glory Ministries churches meet.

3. It is a camp meeting where we have no external disturbances. You grow more at camps. There is a great atmosphere for spiritual cross-pollination.

4. Conference attendees will be equipped to fulfil the mandate of taking many souls to heaven.
5. Some of our pastors who serve under Glory Ministries will be ordained and we must celebrate with them by standing with them.

6. Pastors, district pastors and Overseers will be taught. This will be done on the first day – 13th of April, and is open to other ministries who will benefit immensely from the spiritual teachings of Apostle Pride Sibiya

7. Conference attendees will have a brand ambassadors meeting. It is sets aside to train ministry members to understand that their pastor and the ministry they serve under is a brand. What we wear, do, say is a reflection of our pastor who is a brand.

8. The prophets within Glory Ministries will minister in the prophetic, healing and deliverance to people.

9. There will be apostolic declarations and release. Declarations when made by a person with high rank and influence in the spirit world will break barriers, limitations – and the power to change a person’s future.

10. Married and singles will have their teachings and fellowships. The married will be taught on how to build strong marriages, while single will be taught on making right choices in selecting their life partners. Marriage influences a persons’ future, so right decisions are important.

Bonus One: Travelling is good for your health. You offload pressure and you will have time to visit some great places in the holiday resort of Durban.
Ten Reasons Why You Should Attend Mzansi Tiyambuke 2017
Convention Dates:
Thursday 13 April 2017 (Leadership Only)
Friday 14 - Sunday 16 April 2017 (Mzansi TICC)

Convention Time and Venue:
Morning Services: 0900Hrs to 1400Hrs
Evening Services: 1700Hrs to 2100Hrs
Sunday Service: 0900Hrs - 1300Hrs

Venue: Wiggins Hall - 124 New Dunbar Road, Mayville, Durban KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Who can attend? On Thursday, the opening day, Apostle Sibiya – a minister of God for more than two decades will train leaders on giving thyself holy through sacrifice in order to build a Mega Church. The key scripture is John 12 v 24.

From the second day onward, congregates will encounter God through uplifting sermons, healing and deliverance. Like previous versions, Mzansi TICC promises to transform the country through God’s loyal servant, Apostle Sibiya.

Rsvp: +27835936352 & +27736551951

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