Official Invite - Coach Tarie Hosts The City Fathers Dinner In Chitungwiza

DEARLY BELOVED - This blog article serves to invite you to The CITY FATHERS DINNER 2K17. To be held on the 3rd of February 2017 at the Hotel Chitungwiza (Mubaiwa former Nyamutamba) in Zengeza 2 from 6pm - 9pm.

We believe you are an important person and a great contributor to the society that is why we extend this INVITATION. There will be lots of entertainment. This includes a Red Carpet entrance for you and EXCLUSIVE photo shoot.
A lot of other great movers & shakers, business people will be dining at this august dinner - thus allowing you to network and grow your realm of connections. In essence you will mingle with the best. You are allowed to bring your family as well as your friends with you.

Please make your booking with me or contact 0783573784/ 0779685779.

You can also book by joining the GUEST GROUP [] where we will give you updates. Behold nothing else will be discussed there. FOLLOW THE LINK IF YOU ARE COMING and we can include you on our guests list for the Banquet.

Our tickets are going for $5/ individual and $10 for the VIP tickets. If you want to know more about Youth with an Attitude attached is our Profile for 2016-2017 - [Or Click This Link To View: AND THIS ONE To download]

I have been involved with this organization as a youth for a long time now and it has contributed so much to my life.

So please accept my INVITATION.

Yours Faithfully

Tariro Malvin Kamumvuri
Official Invite - Coach Tarie Hosts The City Fathers Dinner In Chitungwiza

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