Dr. Juanita Bynum - The Untold Story Of Adversity, Pain and Resilience - Bishop Eddie Long

Today it is with deep deep deep sadness that I sit here writing this post. As the tears stream down my face... my thoughts are both disappointment and sadness ... Why? 

Because I wanted God to complete his healing on this side of heaven and for that I cry with deep sadness knowing He is no longer with us. God does all things according to his will but nevertheless it doesn't mean that our heartsdoesn't struggle with that decision ... because we do!! I think i became overwhelmed in tears thinking back on my most precious moment with Bishop..... it was the last day of a revival I had at his church about a year ago... The Glory of God had fallen in the place and God released a prophetic song entitled New Birth..... and while we were all crying and worshipping .... Bishop walked over to me and said sis do you mind if I record this song on my next church cd? I said sure Bishop he turned to walk away and then turned back around and said .... today I really know the meaning of the title to this song as it relates to the name of this church.... he said this song is exactly how I feel. he said that with tears coming down his face.
When I think about it....crying..... this was the same man that called all of his members up to him asking all of them to bring their bills and he paid off their bills because he wanted them to worship and not be worried about debt..... a church that seats 10,000 people. The same man who filled the inside of a piano with money for Gary Oliver because Gary Oliver took the church up into a deep worship moment!!!!! No......Crying crying..... everybody will have their stories..... and their say..... however I am asking if your comments are mean spirited and ugly please don't post them on my page ..... at least not today..... as a matter of fact not EVER......crying crying....this one really hurts.... why? It's simple...... I loved him.....good .... bad.... and indifferent..... I loved Bishop Eddie Long..... and for those of us who really loved him and sincerely prayed for him....he will be greatly missed!!!!! RIH Bishop..... RIH 
Dr. Juanita Bynum - The Untold Story Of Adversity, Pain and Resilience - Bishop Eddie Long
If you really and truly believe that we are the body of Christ and a family..... then to me my brother passed away ...... this is our blood brother. And what family doesn't feel that? Crying .... we feel it.....

My prayers go out for his family and his church family.

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