5 Quick Tips to Help Gain New Video Production Clients

Check out five quick tips to help you gain long-term video production clients that will take your business to new heights.

Running a video production company — and building and maintaining a roster of video production clients — is tough. But with hard work, determination, and salesmanship, you’ll be on the right track in no time. What steps should you take to get on that right track? We’ve compiled five quick tips to help you get there.

1. Market Yourself
This is the most important quick tip on the list. Your business won’t last long without an online presence or solidmarketing strategy. Self-promotion is a huge part of any video producer’s success. Start by establishing a professional website. Make it easy to navigate and eye-catching; more than likely, it will provide the first impression. Back this up with an engaging social media presence. You want your portfolio and your company super-accessible to clients.

5 Quick Tips to Help Gain New Video Production Clients
2. Keep Prices Confidential
When building your video production business, keep your prices close to your vest. Add a section to your website or social media page that allows potential clients to request a quote. Why? Because every job is different; a quote for one project will be different from another — plus, you won’t be locked into a particular price.

3. Build a Reputation
In this business, building your reputation is crucial. The key to a positive reputation: producing quality work that keeps clients coming back for more. Ensure that you’re always professional and that you engage your clients. They want to feel like they are special, like they’re your only client. Going the extra mile can go a long way toward building your rep.

4. Word of Mouth
Once you’ve built a professional reputation, utilize it to your advantage. Remember those clients you made feel important and special? Ask them to refer you to other potential clients they do business with.

5. Establish and Maintain Relationships
Your reputation and marketing may bring clients through the door, but cultivating and maintaining relationships will keep them coming back. These relationships are what pay the bills. They make your clients feel good about working with you — and when clients enjoy working with you, they’ll enjoy spreading the word about your business.

These steps are fundamental — and they’re crucial to building and keeping your roster of clients.

What’s the secret to growing a successful video production company? How do you go out of your way for clients? Share your story in the comments below. www.premiumbeat.com

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