Steve Harvey – Living In Your Gift

The audience at this episode of Family Feud got more than their money’s worth. After the episode concluded, Steve Harvey gave this inspirational and empowering speech on following your dreams

Harvey emphasized the importance of “living in your gift,” explaining that all successful people have to “jump” at some point in their lives, by taking a leap of faith in order to be able to live life using the gifts they were born to use.

Whether it was mowing grass or detailing cars, Harvey gave examples of successful people who do extremely well, working a job they thoroughly enjoy. Concluding, he admits that it will not always be easy. Especially when starting out, there will be bumps in the road on the way to working a job they love and living a life of purpose.
Steve Harvey – Living In Your Gift
Steve Harvey, a comedian with a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, knows a thing or two about success. The son of a coal miner has been everything from a boxer to a carpet cleaner, even a mailman. After beginning stand-up comedy in 1985, Harvey completed a 27-year career in the industry in 2012, and today is the host of the daytime gameshow Family Feud.

Harvey’s impromptu sermon on success has been widely spread, and the thoughts he presents are incredibly insightful, especially for those wanting to follow their gifts and passions to become moresuccessful in life. Sometimes people take a safe route in order to secure a more routine paycheck, but this keeps them from being able to fully walk in, what Harvey calls, the gifts God has given them.
Perhaps the biggest takeaway is that living in your gifts and using your passions does not mean that life will be easier – Harvey notes that his friend who mowed grass got up early every morning in order to mow the grass of his clients. However, working hard is a whole lot easier when you are doing what you love, and those who find what they are gifted at will be doing what they are best at as well!

Take a risk today. Be bold. The point of Harvey’s sermon wasn’t to convince everyone in his audience to quit the job that provides food for their families. It was to inspire them to get a job doing what they love, so that they can work hard at it and put everything they have into being all that they were born to be!

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