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Zimbabwean Pent Off Frustration Through The Chihuta - Quail Craze

Quail birds have taken the local industry by storm after it was reported that their meet and eggs can treat a number of illnesses including cancer and insomnia as well as boost the immune system.

As a result, many local farmers have started rearing the birds because of high returns.

Social media ‘farmers’ have also joined the craze as they are rearing quail bird memes while food lovers are looking for restaurants which serve its meals.

Known as chihuta/isagwaca, the birds have broken the Internet where they are dominating most social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter.

It is now rare for a day to go by without one coming across the words chihuta or zvihuta as the rearing of the bird in the country, which has since been banned by Minister of Environment, Water and Climate, Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri, seems to be exciting many.

The fish eagle on the national flag has since been replaced with a quail bird while Twitter has been rebranded to Twihutter. Some are calling fast food outlets Chicken Slice and Chicken Inn Chihuta Slice and Chihuta Inn respectively.

Local universities have not been spared as Chinhoyi University of Technology is now jokingly called Chihuta University of Technology (CUT), University of Zimbabwe – University of Zvihuta (UZ), Great Zimbabwe University – Great Zvihuta University (GZU), Zimbabwe Open University – Zvihuta Open University (ZOU), National University of Science and Technology – National University of Salted Tuhuta and Midlands State University – Mazai ezviuta State University (MSU).

An image of a resourceful entrepreneur holding a placard written: “Sadza ne Zviuta $1” is also doing the rounds with many asking where they can buy the meal.
Zimbabwean Pent Off Frustration Through The Chihuta - Quail Craze
Not to be outdone, comedian – Prosper the comic pastor shared a video where he talks about a cat which they killed after it ate the birds.

The quail bird which, it is said, can treat diseases seems to be doing the opposite as it has undeniably frustrated so many social media users who have had their gadgets clogged up by zvihuta memes. Some have however suggested that people desist from deleting the images as keeping the bird in their phones will make their batteries last longer.

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