Rich sex worker: I’ve 10 cars, 2 apartments

... offers sex, driving lessons
... ‘I offer good customer care, provide protected sex, oral sex

A SELF-CONFESSED hooker, who stands accused of using charms to lure clients, has revealed her tools of trade following her success story in other businesses.

Belinda Precious Kufa, 23, popularly known as Anesu in the Avenues area, engaged in sex work in 2014 and boasts of owning ten vehicles and two houses in Harare and Bindura respectively.
Anesu, a mother of one, is further accused by her ‘competitors’ of hiring cars from a local car dealer which she uses along with other hookers to lure rich clients to her apartment along Samora Machel Avenue.

When H-Metro visited Anesu at her apartment, she denied the allegations saying she is a qualified beauty therapists and hooker of sober habits.

She also said she takes note of every dollar she gets to earn a living.

In her room was a domestic worker busy cleaning the apartment and she quickly welcomed this writer assuming that a client had come.

“Welcome, do not be disturbed I know that you are looking for Anesu, she is downstairs in one of her rooms, come in as I call her,” she said standing by the door.

Anesu, who occupies two apartments at a flat along Samora Machel Avenue, one for low income clients and the other for the rich, at least according to her, confirmed owning ten vehicles.

Rich sex worker: I’ve 10 cars, 2 apartments
“Aaah wazvinzwa nani zvemotokari dzangu, vanhu vanemakuhwa, ndakuziva zvangu handiti ndiwe Arron weku H-Metro waida kurohwa nemahure zuva riya ndichirikugara paTrekkerel apo,” said Anesu.

“It’s true I am a class 2 driver with ten vehicles that is why my competitors are being disturbed by my success, I do not use charms as alleged.

“I heard that hookers from around the Avenues have been worried about my success and its only that I do not take drugs as what some of them do and I am of sober habits, I do not drink beer.

“Of course I am a hooker, I offer my clients good customer care, provide protected sex, oral sex and as well as massaging since I am a qualified beauty therapist.

“Besides commercial sex, I charge motorists to drive their cars from Tanzania, I do car rentals and I sublet flats to my fellow hookers.

“Those are my tools of trade and I have two houses under construction in Bindura and Harare.

“Very soon I will be renting the houses and they will end up saying anechikwambo, it’s not juju but using brains in whatever dollar you get especially from prostitution.

“Who among the high profile people does not know my nickers and my first floor apartment, only the low income clients are for the ground floor room since they are for ‘quickies’ on a bad day.

These days our clients are struggling hakuna mari saka wandiwana ndiripasi apa kutsvaga vanhu, saka iwe haundiziveka nekuti wapfuura ndikakushevedza ukaramba kupinda mumba.

“I am using two apartments, one for big fishes that enabled me to buy the vehicles in question and for the low income earners I accommodate them for short time down stairs.

“I am surviving since I have a five year-old kid. What will be her future be like if my child read about me in your newspaper.

“It is only these days you find me waiting for clients but most of them have my contacts and they call me for services and it helped me grow.

“When other hookers buy drugs, I buy cars and most of my friends are copying this from me that if you move around the avenues most of the bitches are driving cars,” said Anesu.

She also denied claims that the vehicles belonged to car dealers.

“I heard that is what other girls are saying but as for me ask them they all know that I go for rich guys and instead of them driving to my place I offer them to drive my car to my place and after the services I return them and obviously my charges include transport,” said Anesu.

Anesu showed H-Metro her documents where she writes every dollar she gets on the day on every business including sexual services.

However, most of the hookers who spoke to H-Metro expressed dismay over few hookers who are driving cars insisting that they are hiring them from car sale dealers during the night.

“Very soon you will hear of complains by owners of the vehicles parked in various car sales that their cars were damaged because hookers who are licensed to drive are hiring the cars to hook clients during the night,” said one of the self-confessed hooker.

“Most of the hookers expose themselves to this cold weather drunk and they hire cars to lure clients.

“Clever hookers offer the clients driving lessons as they head to their apartments for sexual services and they will be charged more money for that test drive.

“Madhara akutyira motokari dzawo kubudiswa mupepa saka vanopihwa motokari vodriver kuenda nepfambi vodzoswa asi zvinemubhadharo mukuru that is how Anesu came to buy a car not cars as she wants people to believe.

“Most of the cars she drives are hired vehicles, she visits places like food courts and lures potential clients offering them a drive to her apartment to milk them,” she added shying away from the camera.

Hookers were seen in various corners of the streets in the Avenues waiting for potential clients and H-Metro witnessed some motorists being hooked for sex while others were offered rides leaving their vehicles parked.

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