Will Lady Storm's Breeze Last For Long?

Will Lady Storm manage to sustain the momentum? That’s the question everyone is asking.

Will this young, beautiful and gifted dancer/musician be able to capitalize on the attention she is getting from players in the creative industry?

After featuring on Jah Prayzah’s video, ‘Eriza’, the dancer is on a purple patch and managed to land a slot at the much hyped Ignition concert that was held on Friday at the 7 Arts Theatre.

The energetic dancer stormed onto the stage, backed by her dancers and mesmerized the audience with their well-choreographed rhumba routines.

In the middle of her set she then unveiled the singer within her as she was backed by Botswana based producer/singer, Dr. Tawanda and together they got the house to party.
Will Lady Storm's Breeze LAst Fro Long?
Although her vocals are not that amazing, her dances and aura just cover it up and enable her to bring out a total package.

The young lady needs to keep working hard if she is aiming to be ranked amongst the best. Continuous collaboration with acts such as Jah Prayzah and Winky D will assist her in selling her brand to more audiences.

Dr. Tawanda, capped off Lady Storm’s set with his hit track ‘Unconquerable’.

After Lady Storm, the Gafa, Winky D, took to the stage and for a solid 90 minutes he got the audiences singing along and dancing to his groove. The act drew memories of his epic performance on New Year’s Eve, only that this time the energy levels were a bit subdued.

Musoja, Jah Prayzah, the last act on the night also staged a stellar performance, which really got 2016 ignited for many of those in the theatre.

The ‘Jerusarema’ hit maker also took time to sample his new track, ‘Hosanna’ off his 2016 offering and the fans were instantaneously hooked.

The track is testament of Jah’s inimitable song writing skills, a strength that separates him from other contemporary musicians.

Jah Prayzah’s act was spiced up by the appearance of Lady Storm clad in her uniform dancing to the song ‘Eriza’, as seen on the video.

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