Want To Be Rich? Here’s How — And It’s Not What You Think

What if true wealth had very little to do with money?

What if all of the striving for money, for gain, for more was in vain?

What if true wealth was about things like the call of your heart, what you love to do and who you love to do it with?

Play with me for a bit here and let yourself imagine the above. Imagine your world – gone is the focus on doing more – and instead you focus solely on doing that which you love and with the people you love. Imagine a world where every individual consciously and intentionally created a life that felt the most authentic, the most inspired and therefore the most rich to them.
Want To Be Rich? Here’s How — And It’s Not What You Think
For some it would be six figures a year, others millions and yet others maybe $50,000 a year or less. But one thing would be the same – they would feel rich.


Because they were following the deeper call within themselves to create a life that felt good in every detail and in every way.

Because instead of chasing money or things or status to fill up an empty hole inside, those who truly live this kind of rich know that authentic wealth is found in connecting to the deepest parts of one’s self and to the deepest aspects of life all around.

Doing so results in a life filled with connection, peace, joy, radiant love, and oh yeah — cash-money too. Authentic wealth comes from consciously and intentionally crafting a life that reflects who we really are, not someone else’s version of who we “should” be.

Money on its own won’t solve any of our problems — we’ve witnessed this a million times in our governments, and in the lives of celebrities and other powerful individuals worldwide.

It must be about more than just having “more money.” It must be about following the deeper call within and consciously creating a life that reflects this in every way.

To enjoy this level of wealth consciousness, you must be willing to take an honest and clear look at your life, asking to be shown where scarcity and poverty (commonly known as “not enough-ness”) is running your show.
Want To Be Rich? Here’s How — And It’s Not What You Think
It could be in the wardrobe you have that is filled with clothing that you’ve been told is what you should wear or you’ve told yourself that what you have is all you can “afford” even though the clothes don’t make you feel the fabulous nature of who you really are.

It could be in the friends and family you spend time with — complaining about what’s wrong in the world and in their lives, talking about how broke and limited resources are, focusing on how things are falling apart (all forms of scarcity consciousness) instead of focusing on all that is right and good and uplifting about this life.

It could be broken furniture, cars, relationships, décor, jobs, projects — that you’re hanging on to in the hopes that “one day” it will all turn around.

The truth is – your life is now. The truth is – being wealthy doesn’t happen by accident. It happens on purpose. It happens from clearing the ish from your life and upgrading it to what is a true representation of who you really are.

True wealth is about only doing work that nurtures and inspires you. It’s about only wearing and putting into and on your body what makes you feel amazing – inside and out. It’s about surrounding yourself with people who uplift you, who make you feel the divinity of who you really are.

And guess what happens then?
Cash-money naturally flows to you.

Probably more than you would have thought to ask for and yet, there it is.

You see, we’ve had this whole “wealth” thing wrong for far too long — it’s not about hyper-focusing on money.

It’s not about making everything about money – this means even if you haven’t currently lined up to the kind of wealth you desire — stop overchecking your bank accounts, nickeling and diming, fretting and worrying.

True wealth comes from allowing your life and self to be the most radiant version of who youreally are at the core of you and then all of the abundance (including money) that you need willcome to you.

When we are focused on giving our highest gifts, loving our life in every way – cash-money and all forms of abundance will flow to us.

And then we’ll discover that we’re living a truly wealthy life, a life beyond our wildest dreams in every way.
Source: FinerMinds

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