Politics of Septic tank Money - Quick Riches


Police in Mbeya Tanzania are holding a man a 32 year old man for keeping his 25 year old sister in a septic tank for two years. The uncle to the two siblings Mr Siame said that, the man identified as Nathan Machoma had for two years been keeping his sister, Neemah Machoma, both of Mbeya District in Tanzania in a septic tank full of water as advised by his witch doctor in Sumbawanga where he had gone to seek for satanic powers in order to get rich. The named girl was once a pupil at one of the Zambian School in Nakonde (Ntindi Basic) some 10 years ago when she was staying with her Zambian grandmother in Chiyanga Village.

It has further been established that the (late) mother to the two siblings Ms. Ruth Nakamba was a Zambian (Namwaanga by tribe) married to a Tanzanian National (also late) Mr Albert Machoma in Mbeya.

According to the information on the ground, Mr Nathan Machoma had in 2013 gone to Sumbuwanga in Tanzania to consult the witchdoctor on how best he could become rich as he was living in abject poverty that time following the death of his two parents. As the first born in the family of two, Nathan had no where to find money and was very quick at selling the soul of his only sister to the devil when he was told to sacrifice his most loved one as a qualification for quick riches. Following the witchdoctor's advise, the foolish and satanic minded Nathan gave his sister food which had some juju from the witchdoctor and in the same night she became an imbecile. 
Politics of Septic tank Money - Quick Riches
 Politics of Septic tank Money - Quick Riches
Nathan followed strictly the witchdoctor's instructions which stated that he had first to have carnal knowledge with his naked made imbecile vulnerable sister . After sleeping with his sister, Nathan took her in his bedroom where he kept her for two months during which he had the case of his missing sister reported to police who immediately instituted very unsuccessful manhunt. Ironically, the man had even guts to report the case to the Tanzania's Free Africa Radio where the matter of the beautiful missing girl was repeatedly broadcasted for one month but in vain.

As all that was going on, the man made feaces of his imbecile as party of his supper while he continued sleeping with her as advised by his witchdoctor while he looked for money to put up a pump and a septic tank.. It was after the water tank was erected in January 2014 that he threw his sister inside it while he continued feeding her inside the tank. That means, the more feaces she dropped in the tank, the more money his pockets had and the man became a millionaire within a year of 2014 and bought five vehicles two of which killed people in road accident. But one day, his lack was tested when the maid got Curious and went to check what He always went to see in the tank. That's how She saw that Girl and called the police.. Some People can be Wicked!, That's why we don't have to fear most of these rich people, their monies fall in the category in the ditch of questionable.

Right now, God fearing people have started praying for her so that she can come to her normality.
Ritual killings are notorious high in Tanzania and Nakonde, although Zambians that practice business witchcraft get their powers from Sumbu wanga.The picture below shows how the poor Neemah was before being thrown and how she is after 2years and some months of being in a septic tank.

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