Meet the Masvingo genius who scored 30 points at A Level

A pupil in Masvingo has smashed the academic record in Masvingo after getting 30 points in the Cambridge A Level exams.

Emmanuel Zhou (18) a science student at Riverton Academy in Masvingo Rural sat for six subjects (Cambridge) in November 2015. Emmanuel got an A in Mathematics (scoring 97%); Physics A (93%); Chemistry A (94%); Accounting A (95%); Economics A (92%) and Further Mathematics A (83%).
Emmanuel Zhou
He wants to do Actuarial Science or Petroleum Engineering at university.

“The achievement is not for me as an individual but for the entire school. I’m proud of my school and I know everyone is proud of me. I want to thank God for his guidance,” Emmanuel told The Mirror.

Emmanuel is the son of Tyanai Zhou who is a lecturer at Academy of Business in Africa in Bulawayo. His mother, Christina Zhou is a housewife.

“As a parent l am happy that my son passed his studies with flying colours, we are proud of him,” said Zhou.

Herbert Mushandu, the school head at Riverton School confirmed the results and said Emmanuel.

“We expected it, Zhou is an exceptionally good student. His chances of achieving this record were also helped by the conducive learning environment that is found in this institution. Remember the institution is also run by Philemon Mutangiri who is an educationist and also has a strong passion for education,” said Mushandu.

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