Man endures 10 month sex ban by live-in-lover

A Cement Side man in the outskirts of Bulawayo has been slapped with a 10 month sex embargo by his live-in-girlfriend as punishment for his cheating habits.

Trace Nhopi told the court that Alois Mpofu sexually abuse her by refusing to use a condom each time they had sex.

Nhopi claimed that she was afraid of contracting HIV as her lover was in a habit of brining other women in their house during her absence.

She also claimed that if she refused to have unprotected sex, Mpofu physically abused her.

"Alois Mpofu is my live-in boyfriend and he has gone violent. He is constantly beating me up. He also insults me using vulgar language. He is in the habit of brining other women in the house during my absence.

"Each time he wants to have sex with me I advise him to use protection but he is refusing.
Man endures 10 month sex ban by live-in-lover
He wants to put my life at the risk of contracting HIV and AIDS. Whenever I tell him ‘no condoms, no sex' he becomes angry and abuses me" she said.

Mpofu denied the claims and said the reason why he has other girlfriends was because of the 10 month sex ban imposed on him.
"Your worship I last had sex with her in March last year and whenever I confronted her about the issue she advised me to look for another woman.

"She is fixing me for demanding unprotected sex as if I am of ill-health,"

The magistrate, Sheunesu Matova ordered Mpofu not to abuse her in any sexual manner.

Source: B-Metro

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