‪#‎GraceDecoded - Episode Introduction

‪#‎GraceDecoded‬ - God in his infinite wisdom and knowledge knew that on being born you would loose all memory of who you are so he left a DNA gift map hidden somewhere in you.

 God created a map that when discovered leads you ever closer to the truth about your identity and mysteries yet to be revealed about who you are... Oudney N. Patsika

Please watch out for #DecodingGrace, #GraceFactor episode one COMING SOON.
‪#‎GraceDecoded - Episode Introduction
Here’s the information: A vast lifelong plot explodes when a beautiful baby called you is born naked, completely covered in mysterious, intricate gifts and skills hidden in the DNA. You where born with no memory of who you where in God or how got into your mother's womb.

But the one who sent you on a divine mission left you a code and there’s clue that is impossible to miss: the name of GOD, emblazoned across your 'fearfully and wonderfully made body.'
Your parents and the rest of the your family where thrilled at your birth... but needed to quickly realize that you where marked for a special mission, marked on your DNA to solve, lead your family and the whole world closer to the truth about your real earthly mission and the mysteries of the 'Kingdom of God to be revealed through you. [A series From Reverend Oudney N. Patsika (“GraceDecoded,” “DecodingGrace,” “GraceFactor”).]

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