20 Things Happy People Do In The Morning

Many people underestimate the beauty and importance of mornings.

Think what your days begin with. You probably spend most of the time doing something out of habit not even paying much attention. Thus, your days also become boring and habitual, with a usual scheme “home-work-home”.

If you add a bit of positivity to your morning routine, it can change not only your days, but your whole future.

Here are 20 things you can start your day with. You can make every morning pleasant and memorable choosing different things from the list. The most important thing is to do them with a positive attitude.
20 Things Happy People Do In The Morning

1. Meditation
Meditate for at least 15 minutes in the morning. There are numerous techniques you can find online, so choose one that looks suitable for you and give it a go. It can actually fill your morning and day with lots of energy. It can help to clear your mind and put your thoughts in order. Morning is the best time for meditation as there are fewer distracting factors around.

2. Enjoy the morning silence
Doing nothing and just feeling the silence, the sounds of a new day and twittering birds; looking at the beautiful sky and watching your beloved ones wake up – that is truly a great morning picture. Let all this beauty spread to all your body and soul and start a day with a great spirit.
20 Things Happy People Do In The Morning
3. Write a journal
Morning is the best time to write a diary. You can write down some dreams you remember from last night, describe your meditation experience, build plans for the next day, etc.

4. Be grateful
Gratitude is a powerful thing. Be grateful for good things in your life – your family, your health, your friends or simply this moment. If you wake up early while everyone is still asleep, nobody will hear you and you can freely and sincerely express your gratitude and then go on with your day. It will take no more than five minutes and will help you remember that you are lucky to have what you have.

5. Open all the windows
It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is. If it is winter and it is cold outside, it is even better. Open the windows in your bedroom, in the living room and in the kitchen. Let the fresh air and the sleepy city sounds enter your home. Yesterday doesn’t exist and it is a brand new day.

6. Help someone
It is so nice to start your day realizing that you’ve done something nice and useful. The day is already not wasted. You can help your spouse wake up in a good mood, cheer up your kids for the school, give a lift to your neighbor, feed a homeless cat, etc.
20 Things Happy People Do In The Morning
7. Do some morning exercises or yoga
There are two types of people: those, who find morning exercises refreshing and those, who simply cannot stand a thought of it. So, it is totally up to you when you choose to exercise. Just do it at least every second day. If you start your day with exercising, you get a great rush of endorphins and therefore feel well and have a good mood. Yoga brings not only your body, but also your mind in shape. If you do it regularly, you may notice yourself becoming a very balanced person with a flexible body and mind.

8. Spend five minutes in the garden
Spend five minutes of your morning time among plants in a garden or on a balcony. It is nice to start a day with breathing in some fresh air with the scent of flowers and feeling a bit closer to nature.

9. Think of the ones you love
It will take only five minutes, but love is the most important thing in our lives. Many people believe that positive thinking attracts positive things in live. Don’t attract problems, attract love. Even if you don’t have a partner at the moment, you have parents or other relatives, friends, a cat, etc. Think of them, smile and welcome a new day.

10. Make coffee or tea for your partner
A morning ritual of drinking coffee or tea together can help you not only cheer up, but also start a day with a happy smile of your partner and a nice conversation over delicious drink. Doing such pleasant little things for each other always make relationships stronger.

20 Things Happy People Do In The Morning
11. Write a thank-you letter
You may not send it, simply write it. It may seem pointless at the first sight. However, wouldn’t it be sad to realize you have no one to say thanks to? Write a small letter describing something you are grateful for. You can thank your wife for a delicious dinner, your kids for being so great, your client for his trust, a salesperson for being friendly and helpful, etc. Thereby, you’ll show people that you notice what they do for you and appreciate it.

12. Learn something
Many people say that their brains work better in the morning. So why not learn something useful? If you study a foreign language, for example, learn some new words in the morning. Or read a book on programming. Or study whatever you want to study. Half an hour of brainwork in the morning is a great thing to enter a day with.

13. Imagine that you woke up in Haiti
What would your morning be like if you woke up in Haiti, Goa, Paris or Rome? If you have been in such great places, remember your feelings, smells, views from your window. If you haven’t been there, let yourself dream and imagine what it would be like. Think about that for a while and then feel like you’ve just come back home from a vacation.

14. Walk a bit
Don’t be lazy; get up half an hour earlier. If you don’t enjoy any sports, at least have a walk in the morning around a neighborhood or park your car a bit farther from the office and walk for 10 minutes in the morning and in the evening. Breath in some fresh air, look at people and views, listen to the sounds and simply relax.

20 Things Happy People Do In The Morning
15. Clear your desk
Start your morning in office by putting things in order; dust a bit, put everything you don’t need aside and create nice working atmosphere. You’ll spend only a couple of minutes, but it will help you get in the right working spirit as it is much nicer to work when it is clean and everything is where it’s supposed to be.

16. Sing songs
It is a great idea to sing in a shower or in a car on your way to work. It doesn’t matter whether you can sing or not, just express yourself. You can sing along quietly or do it loudly – just don’t stop in fear of being heard and judged.

17. Affirmation and motivation
You can start your day with positive phrases: “I’ll have a great day”, “It is a nice day to arrange a couple of deals”, “I’ll do the best job today”, etc. It is a powerful way to set yourself to success. Confident people do better in life, it is a fact. Say some positive, inspirational and reassuring things to you in the mornings and they will actually come true.

18. Clean your computer
Get rid of old messages, bookmarks and useless files; bring the rest of them in order. A mess in a computer is as bad as a mess on your desk. Clear everything up and feel free of useless things.
20 Things Happy People Do In The Morning
19. Watch the sunrise
You can get a lot of energy by simply watching the sunrise. Realizing that you are a part of nature and a part of a big cosmic process gives you the feeling of responsibility for your life. You get the energy from the sun and decide where to put this energy.

20. Taking contrast showers
Contrast showers can give you loads of energy for the whole day. Not only will you finally wake up, but will also freshen up. If you do this regularly, you will become much healthier. Source: FinerMinds

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