Smart People Don’t Find Opportunities, They Create Them

Circumstances are never perfect. Opportunities don’t present themselves to you as gifts wrapped in shiny paper. Unless you consider yourself to be very lucky, who has been handed over everything on a silver platter by the Gods, you will have to scrounge for opportunities from the nadir of obscurity.

1. Reach Out

How many times have we ceased to approach the right person for fear of rejection; thinking we will embarrass ourselves if they refuse to speak or acknowledge us. But how does not playing your chances help? Know that if you unhesitatingly approach 10 luminaries who canmentor you, at least 3 will be happy to help.
Smart People Don’t Find Opportunities, They Create Them

No matter how successful, even these hotshots get impressed when they see steely spirit and an unflinching resolve to succeed in a young trailblazer. In a company set up, approaching senior management to mentor you will be a good start. Of course, if you straight away go to the CEO, chances are he won’t be as welcoming.

2. There’s No Better Time / Circumstance To Start

Smart People Don’t Find Opportunities, They Create Them
Smart People Don’t Find Opportunities, They Create Them
Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese philosophy that nurtures all that is authentic by acknowledging three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished and nothing is perfect. So realize that there will be no ideal circumstances when you can start. You can even rise out of the ashes and achieve greatness. You can start up at 18 or 80, make a sales pitch at a watering hole or meet the love of your life on a metro ride. Basically you can do anything you seek to achieve if you do it with all your conviction, no matter how far from ideal the circumstances.

3. All your Big and Small Opportunities Will Come Unannounced

Smart People Don’t Find Opportunities, They Create Them
Smart People Don’t Find Opportunities, They Create Them
How we wish all our life’s major opportunities would come with riders announcing “Ignore at Your Own Risk”. Sadly, that doesn’t happen. You could miss the ‘Most Important Person Who Would Change Your Life in a Flash’ at an Entrepreneurship meetup you failed to attend because you were hung over from last night. Thankfully, it’s not so bad in real life. If you are among the ones who truly desire success from every fragment of your being, you will yourself develop a hunch about how a particular situation presented right at you will help you in the future.

Destiny is a funny thing. Even if have hit rock bottom, there will be at least that one opportunity presented to you in disguise that can turn things around. The trick is to grab it before it slips your hands. Because the most successful people didn’t chase the ideal circumstances, they instead blossomed in grimy water to flower as lotuses.

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