Petrine Vs. Pauline Apostolic Leaders

In the church today we have both Petrine (Peter-type) and Pauline (Paul-type) apostolic leaders.

Petrine apostles function relatively well within their own religious and cultural circles, but to get one to buy into an an apostolic assignment outside those circles, will take God knocking him out during prayer into a trance and showing him a vision so radical, an angel has to hit the vision replay button 3 times as God continue to repeat Himself until His apostle gets it.

Now Peter is ready for to see a cross-cultural move of God with the Gentiles at Cornelius house, and Bam! - the suddenlies of God happen and the Spirit falls on the place. Of course Peter felt the fire of criticism after that and had to go into defense mode with his Jewish brethern.
Petrine Vs. Pauline Apostolic Leaders
Even with such a supernatural encounter to create a paradigm shift in Peter, he still could never shake the religious pressure of the Jerusalem Judaizers, and in Galatians, Paul even had to rebuke him for withdrawing from fellowship with Gentile believers when the Judaizers came to visit.

Petrine apostles prefer to stay in their own circles unless they have a paradigm-shaking encounter with heaven. They can do well there. But change and religious pressure may be very challenging for them, and they may prefer to at some level guard the status-quo.

Pauline apostolic leaders are much more "entrepreneurial" and "innovative." They are much more adventurous explorers of the unknown, "williing to go where no man has gone before." Going cross-cultural is not a problem for them. Religious pressure is not a problem for them.

They may have their share of "haters." But they are driven by mission and their assignment. It is much easier for them to initiate new apostolic movements and plant "new wineskin" churches.

They can work together with Petrine apostles, but it will not happen that often. Petrine apostles will have a hard time with some of the "present truth" theological concepts that Pauline apostles teach. Peter said in his second epistle that some of Paul's letters contain things that are hard to understand which some might twist.

I think Petrine apostolic leaders do well ministering in previous church movements where they are accepted. They can help initiate some change and reform perhaps.

But Pauline apostolic leaders prefer to plant new churches that can embody and model the present truth message they are teaching. They are grieved and angry when religious Judaizers come into what they have built to tear down the message.

Petrine apostle will be more apt to go with the flow and not rock the boat - UNLESS - they have a PARADIGM-SHAKING heaven-sent encounter with an angel hitting the replay button. But thank God, He uses both to advance His Kingdom in the earth.
Source: Axel Sippach

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