Harare Murderer Arrested While Sleeping Along Mukuvisi River

A HARARE man who is believed to have been terrorising and killing people along Mukuvisi River appeared in court Friday facing murder and attempted murder charges.

Jackson Mulabowa, 27, was arrested Thursday while sleeping along Mukuvisi River following a tip off from a friend who once bought a stolen cell phone from him.

He was not asked to plead when he appeared before magistrate Francis Mapfumo and was remanded in custody to next Monday.
Harare Murderer Arrested While Sleeping Along Mukuvisi River
Prosecutor Sebastin Mutizirwa told the court that on November 29 last year, the complainant, Enos Zumba, and his friend, who is now late, went to their shrine situated between Glen Norah C and Mukuvisi River.

They left their vehicle parked at an open space before climbing a small hill popularly known as Chikomo chemaRasta for prayers.

Mulabowa and three accomplices then hatched a plan to rob the two.

Armed with knives and screwdrivers, they waylaid Zumba and his friend along a foot path leading to the hill.

Upon noticing that they were being followed, Zumba and his late friend fled in separate directions.

Two of the accused chased after Zumba who fled towards the parked car while the other two pursued the deceased who fled in another direction.

One of the assailants caught up with Zumba before he reached the car and tripped him to the ground.

But Zumba overpowered the assailant, eventually pinning him to the ground before sitting on his stomach.

The respite was however, brief as the second assailant arrived and stabbed Zumba in the back several times with a knife.

The two attackers then took turns to assault Zumba with kicks and a screwdriver before dragging him to the vehicle while demanding valuables.

They also demanded the car keys which could not be found. One of the attackers smashed the vehicle’s front passenger window and opened the door.

They stole $3 from the ashtray and a cell phone and then forcibly opened the boot of the car and stole its spare wheel.

Meanwhile, the other two attackers who had gone after the late returned and also ransacked the car.

According to prosecutors, Zumba’s friend then returned to the car stark naked and bleeding profusely from multiple stab wounds all over the body.

When the attackers saw him, they took turns to assault and stabbed him again with a knife several times and he died on the spot.

They also stabbed Zumba and kicked him all over the body until he passed out before eventually fleeing from the scene.

When Zumba regained consciousness he saw his friend lying unconscious besides him.

He tried to resuscitate him to no avail. Zumba then marshalled the strength to drive to ZRP Glen Norah to make a police report.

Police ferried the two to Harare hospital. Zumba was transferred to Parirenyatwa Hospital where he was admitted in the intensive care unit.

On January 22 this year detectives from CID Homicide received information that one Oripa Ngwaru, 25, was in possession of Zumba’s stolen cell phone.

A follow up was made leading to the arrest of Ngwaru who implicated Talent Jamali who had sold her the cell phone.

Jamali led the police to Mulabowa who was arrested while sleeping along Mukuvisi River.

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