ZimAsset Just An Agenda For Talk.

In 2013, I was an Advanced level student at Mutambara High School when the current administration introduced Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (ZimAsset). So much hope was instilled to many. I remember thinking to myself “Finally all hope which had been lost for a decade will be restored.” Two years! I am a first year student studying accounting science with Women‘s University In Africa. It is my uttermost disappointment that a program which had brought a positive anticipation to many, two years ago has led the dismay of the whole nation.

ZimAsset was introduced after realising that the economy was not in a good state. The five year program was deemed to be a solution to the Zimbabwean economy which had contracted by more than 50%.
ZimAsset Just An Agenda For Talk.
Among the aims, the five year program was to improve liquidity in Zimbabwe through exports, but is this achievable with the current state of the economy? For the past years liquidity crunch has been Zimbabwe‘s worst enemy therefore it contradicts with the aims of the ZimAsset. Why did the current administration introduce this program after all, it is even failing to pay 3000 Harare City Council workers. Worse of all how can liquidity be improved through exports if the current administration is not financing the Agriculture sector with seed, chemicals and equipment suitable for increasing productivity, it makes it impossible for the country to export because of no finances.

ZimAsset was to improve the availability of electricity and water supply. The shortages of these critical enablers has done more harm than good in Zimbabwe. In Chitungwiza town access to water and electricity has been scarce for the past years yet at the end of each month bills regarding these have to be settled. How can the aim of improving critical enablers be achieved in a country where water can be accessible once a week in areas such as Chitungwiza, yet the program was deemed to be a solution to these problems. Because of theses shortages a company such as Lafarge consumes 300000 litres of diesel which cost around $45000, with the current state of the country can this company still employ more workers?
ZimAsset Just An Agenda For Talk.
The current administration assumed rapid implementation of foreign direct investment when the ZimAsset was introduced in 2013. There has been no improvement in the foreign direct investment because of certain policies such as indigenisation set by the current administration. No investor would actually be interested in investing in a country with such policies hence they end up investing in other countries. On the other hand the current administration has no money to build infrastructure which can attract investors to invest in Zimbabwe. This is the third year since ZimAsset was introduced, has it been successful in achieving its aims?

With the Chitungwiza town “circus” I see it being impossible for ZimAsset to be achieved. As a Chitungwiza resident I do not see this five year program as an answer to the economic state in Zimbabwe, it is just “AN AGENDA FOR TALK”.

Written By: Tinotenda Mutambara for Arthur Mutambara
ZimAsset Just An Agenda For Talk.

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