The Power of Gratitude: Remember To Be Grateful.

If I could sell you a magic secret that could change you, make you a positive, productive,healthy and happy at $0, would you buy it?.

I have stopped whining It takes away the energy that I could have used to do something to change my circumstances. I have stopped complaining. I have started waking up early and sleeping late and working in the direction of improving my circumstances. In the process of doing so, I have high expectations from myself and from life. I do not just get up in the morning to see off time. I think positively. I HAVE LEARNT THE POWER OF GRATITUDE.

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful which in itself can be said to be readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.
The Power of Gratitude: Remember To Be Grateful.
The source of our greatest struggles is in the mind. Once the mind gets into turmoil and fails to notice the little blessings happening around us then we become negative minded and fail to be grateful.

Gratitude helps us to learn life's lessons. There is a saying "Every dark cloud has a silver lining", the same can be said of behind every problem lies an opportunity. I have learnt that when I am faced with serious challenges in life I tend to be very calm when I start being thankful for what I still have rather than mourning for losses. Sometimes I also do face difficult moments but I do take each moment as an opportunity to learn.

It is true that gratitude attracts what we want.The universal law of attraction says that we will attract into our life the things we think about and focus on. This is fact. Therefore I believe one is bound to want what he or she is thankful for. Remember that when you are consciously aware of your blessings, and are grateful for them, you are focusing more clearly on what you want in your life - and in the process attracting more of those things into your life.

I have seen gratitude improving relationships. I remember when I was growing up. My parents taught me to say thank you. I realize now that I appreciate people who say thank you to me. The people who are most appreciative of me have a better place in my heart than those that are not grateful. When one is grateful to me, I appreciate them and I love more of them. It means therefore that gratefulness improves relationships.

Being grateful reduces negativity. Ever since I started counting my blessings, my understanding of my situation improves. It is believed that one of the fastest ways to improve your mood or outlook is to count your blessings. Bad situations are made lighter when you think about things for which you are grateful.

If you want to improve your problem skills try being grateful. When something is wrong, we see it as barriers to our goals. Our next effort would be to try and fix the problem. The challenges would be solved much more enthusiastically when we appreciate that challenges are opportunity to develop our problem solving skills.

I once worked a gentleman who was complaining about almost everything everyday. When there is a power outage he would scream as if life had stopped. I counseled him to be grateful for the time there is load shedding, for in that time he could attend to his garden.

Do you think becoming a more thankful person could possibly change your life for the positive?
By: Arthur Mutambara

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